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Lilith has walked the path of a healer her entire life. She began as a physical healer, working in a clinical laboratory running the tests that allowed physicians to make their diagnosis and follow their patients progress. Over the years, she began to want to do more ... to work with individuals, to help them to understand themselves better, and to help them make better life decisions.
Along the way, she poked her nose into anything and everything that she thought was interesting! She has attended seances, studied Reiki (she is a Reiki Master/Teacher), became a certified professional Tarot reader and worked with dreams. She has done work with journeying, self development/empowerment, accessing Higher Self, worked with her Guides and Angels, and studied anything esoteric that she could get her hands on. Among her interests are astrology, numerology, color and sound. She has a continued interest in ritual and ceremony, and in working with the cycles of the moon and the seasons of the year.
In her readings, Lilith acts as a gateway for her clients. The wisdom that she offers, in response to client questions, is focused on giving her client an in-depth overview of their situation, assessing actions that can be taken, reviewing the pros and cons of these actions, and empowering her client to make their own decision.
An important part of each reading is the offering of tools of empowerment - tools that are suited to the client. Such tools might include dreamwork, connecting with their Guides and/or Angels, affirmations, visualization and candle-work.
Lilith wishes to share with her clients the best of the tools that she has at her disposal, and to have her clients, at the end of their reading, feel that they have control over their own life. She also thanks her clients - as they offer as much wisdom to her as she does to them.

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11/29/2020 4:33:53 AM UTC
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Praise for Lilith

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Lilith's happy clients have to say.

"A Memorizing Reader!!"

An exceptionally Intuitive Reader, I read with Lilith one year ago, her predictions are aligned exactly the same from before. She is easy to talk to and a very kind person, she stands true to her predictions and convictions till date for me. Thank you kindly!

- Prem

"Excellent reading!"

She told me things that I knew in my heart were true using minimal input from me. She is very talented, and I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to know exactly what's going on. Thank you so much!!!!

- kandykissez

"She's Great"

This was my third reading from Lilith and I just had to post some feedback. She was very confident in her predictions even when I wasn't sure. Well, I was just being impatient.. Her predictions came true... I'm so thrilled I had to post... She's great!!

- JerseyGirl

"Thank you Lilith"

My reading with Lilith gave me the strength I needed to take charge of my life. Thank you!

- Pat


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