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About Lucky
A young woman asked her guides to help her to attain one of the best gifts she could ever have, the gift of being a mother. She was later blessed with conception and right away she knew she carried a special child within her womb.  9 months later during a snow fall and full moon eclipse in Scorpio, this young mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who was born with a caul over her head. The caul is a portion of membrane that covers the baby’s head and face, like a protective helmet.  Birth with a caul is an extremely rare occurrence and signifies the sign of a child who can see beyond the veil of dimensions.  That baby girl was Lucky. 

With the nurturing and loving support of a knowledgeable and gifted psychic family, from a grandmother who read tea leaves to a mother who was psychic, Lucky’s skills progressed over time.  30 years ago she began giving readings to her family and friends and for the past 6 years she has been reading professionally.  She is foremost a psychic intuitive, an empath, a telepath, clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant.  She does not need tools for her readings but will work with them if that is her client’s wish. Her favorite are tarot, pendulum and crystal but she stresses that any household item if done correctly can be used to obtain answers. 

Many clients call Lucky, feeling lost with restrictive and detrimental thoughts. Lucky’s readings first emerge with compassion. She will help them open up to her in a positive way. She will give them honest straightforward details, concluding the reading with the best course of action.  Lucky explains that helping people raises the energy in the atmosphere for everything, She finds herself blessed that she is able to be a part of this work that changes people’s lives positively and finds it to be most fulfilling.

Favorite Quote
Turn your demons into art, your shadow into a friend, your fear into fuel, your failures into teachers, your weakness into reasons to keep fighting. Don’t waste your pain. Recycle your heart. – Andrea Balt


12/1/2021 6:40:07 PM UTC
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Praise for Lucky

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Lucky's happy clients have to say.


Lucky validated information that is vitally important to my future decisions. She was kind and calm throughout the reading, which helped me find peace in my current situation. Also, she was able to provide future timelines that gives me hope of happier times ahead. She is truly gifted and I feel blessed to have finally found her. Please call her! She will take your breath away!

- Celtic Lady

"Exceptional reading 100% accurate : the real psychic everyone need"

Lucky is the no 1 as I will say. Sometime we think that we only psychic with high rates has the only solution but that 's completely false with this lady. I had a big money issue that had drain me down for months with out help. I have spent thousands calling all the psychic both cheap and expensive no help. I almost gave up with Psychic power until i decided one day to try Lucky. she did not only solve my 10 months issue rather she gave me all hope and comfort through out the journey in less than 1 month. She is pure remote viewer that she can hit the nail right on top. She sees what others couldn't see or find. She solve my problem without worries or stress. She goes extra mile by logging in when you needed her. she is a blessing to me and my family. So please try her when all hope are lost or when you need the truth and solution. She sees it all.................. no sugarcoa, no false reading or any of those. Need your mind to rest please call her,,,,,,,.

- Abrea

"The best reading I ever had"

Simply amazing reader. I must say I got off the phone completely stunned at how accurate Lucky is. She was able to zero in on several different very issues in our family. She gave very specific information as to how to help and I feel so much better now. She helped me to see that there are solutions and not all is lost. What a relief. She is a very kind and loving person, very compassionate. She listened very well and was very present with all I shared. It is easy to see that she really cares and wants to give the clearest insight, very accurate wants to make sure that my questions were answered to my satisfaction. They were and I will be calling again. You don't really need to look further for the clearest insight out there. Again simply amazing and I am so grateful to have found Lucky. Thank you again.

- gracefulmiracles

"Accuracy with Compassion!"

I've been speaking with Lucky for awhile, she has a beautiful soul with great accuracy. She is insightful, & nonjudgemental. I have so enjoyed our conversations, receiving validation, new way of looking at a situation, & with help on resolutions. Working with Lucky truly will be beneficial to you! Thank you Lucky..

- JB From Mi


I was searching for lucky forever it seems!! She really knows how to communicate things that make it clear for me to understand. I recommend her, for sure. Love lucky!! ??

- 77DukeAmy


Great reader !!! Willl definitively call her back!!

- Serena1

"Best Psychic!"

Lucky is the best psychic I have ever been to. She is very accurate, right on target. She is also very caring. I lost a key, and asked her for help. It was just where she said it was. She can apparently see at a distance. She is great with the tarot, and just as good, if not better, as a medium. I was able to speak with my deceased father, uncle, and grandmother. They told me things through her that only I knew, and also predictions that came true. I most highly recommend her!

- Cathy



- jodine

"definitely worth every penny and more!"

I have come to Lucky throughout the years and am astounded by her abilities all the time! Once again I had an amazing reading! She was able to give me accurate details on my current situation and specific timelines for my future and the futures of my loved ones. She had great advice for all my questions and was able to answer very specific questions geared towards the future.Her calm and kind demeanor was very relaxing to me and combined with her reading, brought me much relief. She is definitely worth every penny and more!

- FK


Decided to try someone new and I immediately liked Lucky. She gave me a different take and came up with something new for me to try that no one else thought of.. Guess what? I've been trying what she told me and I am starting to see some benefits.

- Pat


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