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As a child, Lura had angelic dreams, felt various sensations, and was very perceptive. Her mother understood her gifts and accepted them for what they were, but nobody else did. She felt somewhat peculiar and scared, so she distanced herself from what was her reality, and remained in denial of her gifts until her mid-thirties. It was then that she stopped listening to everyone else and started listening to the universe. 

Lura is a Starseed Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Medium, Channeler, Ascension Coach, Card Reader, Dream Interpreter, Spiritual Teacher, and a Reiki Level One Light Worker.  She uses various tools and modalities such as tarot cards, oracle cards, crystals, pendulum and animal totems. 

Although she touts her starseed support, akashic fields, past lives work, lightworker support, and galactic heritage, she also describes her specialty as “all encompass”, in other words, she specializes in whatever is troublesome to you. 

Reading Style
Her reading style is love based, inter-dimensional, 5th dimensional, high vibrational, positive, funny, humble. After a quick introduction, she will clear and shuffle her cards that she is intuitively guided to work out for you, and then start the reading strong, clearing all space, and bringing in only light.  She will help you to see how much power you really have, and will show you how you can change any reality, mind-set or life style.

Favorite Quote:  “Inhale Love, Exhale Fear” 


3/6/2021 5:10:53 AM UTC
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