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Marti has been psychic her entire life. In order to gain a better understanding of spirituality, she has involved herself heavily in the study of metaphysics. As a result, she has become extremely well versed in the interpretation of astrology, Tarot, and aura reading.

Of all her studies, Marti is the most intrigued by the revelations made by prisms of crystals, an art she learned from American Indians while living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She had the wonderful experience of sharing her gifts and knowledge with them, and they with her. Over the course of a three year period, Marti learned the art of divining Truth which lies deep within various crystals. She moved from Albuquerque with a different awareness and a new tool to use in her readings. Her experience was profound.

Marti is a bright light, and a reading with her reflects that. She is positive, energetic, and dedicated to providing the truth. According to Marti, "the crystal ball tells quite a story....your story." Find out what it reveals about you!

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6/22/2024 10:10:07 AM UTC
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Praise for Marti

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"Very confident in reading"

My reading on 6/7/2022 with Marti I called in regards of claim that I have pending gave a time line 6/28/2022 -7/04/2022 said it would be approved will let you know what happens after will come back and give 10 stars if comes to pass will updated

- Kelly20222


Marti is amazing, very accurate! One of her predictions just came true and I am coming back for more. I didn't believe it when she was predicting that it could happen but it did!!!

- lovelylibra


She was absolutely amazing and mind blowing! Thank you for such a great reading !

- Bella2462

"Awesome "

When I spoke with Marti she was awesome very detailed and on point about my poi and my employer. Trust me she is worth every penny. I have spoken with many psychic over the years Marti and Bonnie is my go to.

- Soul

"Marti is my favorite!!"

I’ve probably spoken with Marti 15 times. She’s very accurate in timelines and super friendly.

- jazzyj0211


I had a reading with Marti and her ability to see is amazing! She is one of the best psychics that I have encountered. Her visions, advice are exceptional💙

- U2020

"Marti is absolutely amazing!"

She is kind and very accurate with dates. She is my favorite!!!

- jazzyj0211

"Long overdue Feedback!"

Marti thank you so much, you are just the absolute sweetest, most uplifting person! I’m always amazing at how accurate you are and have been with situations and people. I always hate when the call abruptly ends and I don’t get a chance to tell you goodbye! Ha! Thanks again, I always appreciate it!

- sunnygirl


Marti is simply amazing. Got right to the point saw it all clearly. Thank you !!

- Truthonlyplz

"This woman...."

I've been talking to Marti for a few years now. Accurate, and ridiculously detailed. She know me better than myself...and her timeline of how things play out is mind blowing. I have never spoken to a more analytical and deep individual. I feel like I'm talking to my long lost aunt who has been a fly on the wall for my entire life when I talk to her. This review is long overdue. Thank you SO much for the clarity and hope that you've provided to me time and time again. Gifted is an understatement. You know which Tori this is. Thanks on here( reluctant to put this bc I don't want to wait in line lol).

- Tori


Great, have been talking with her for years!

- English


Great call

- lumi


I was amazed by her knowledge. Very intuitive

- lumi

"5 stars "

I want to say marti is on point!! She said that this past weekend would be a tough weekend. Her prediction came true!!!! I lost 600 dollars in the store, my car was taken, my son got suspended from school and I ended up buying a 2018 car. All in the span of 3 days. She is my new favorite!!

- Mo

"The Best"

Has never let me down with her accurate insight.She tells it like it is,but she softens the blow (if there is one) with encouragment.Love her...a wonderful astrologist.She has supported me and never disappointed me.Must get a read with Marti.

- Yves

"August 27 reading"

I had a reading with Marti a couple weeks ago, she told me some events would happen between Sept.7-Sept. 11 that would help me make my mind about moving on. Today is Sept. 8 and it happened. I got the answer that I needed to move on. Let’s see how the remaining predictions unfold. Thank you Marti!!

- Dreamer40

"Positive & insightful!"

First time I spoke with her and I was pleasantly surprised. She was quick, did not waste time and insightful and positive. She read my situation pretty well gave me some important dates. I will update once they pass.

- brstar

"The Best"

Always accurate and a terrific astrologer.Wonderful,kind,patient and caring. One of the best on this sight.Thank you for being there.

- Carly

"Pretty Darn Good"

She is worth the time and money indeed. She is the real deal and very honest about what she sees. Thank you. You helped me make a few decisions today that can have an impact on my future self.

- Maryland

"worth every penny"

I love that while many readers here that claim to use astrology will give you a generic reading based on your sun sign alone, Marti is a true astrologer (and psychic) and will give you dates for predictions based on planetary transits and more often than not they come to pass. Back in Sept she predicted the weekend of 11/11 - 11/12 would be off the charts romantic between my man and I and at the time I didn't see why, and now looking back she was right. He surprised me with a weekend getaway and it was wonderful. Also predicted another event around Thanksgiving which also came to pass. Love how she picks up on details and will often tell me something that she picks up my man is feeling or thinking about me and then he will use those exact same words. Just amazing. Worth every penny!

- Mistressleia


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