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Mei-Ling has been a practicing psychic for approximately 11 years now and she loves what she does because it gives her such peace of mind and a purpose. She is a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Life Coach, Energy Healer and Dream Interpreter who specializes in relationships, business, pets and more.

At 4 years old her senses began reacting differently to various situations, and she started experiencing her first moments of astral projection. She knew right then that something was changing inside of her, but just could not grasp what it was.

About a year later Mei-Ling witnessed a psychic on TV, and although at that tender age she had no knowledge of psychics, she immediately had a strong inclination of what she was beholding. Right then and there, in her heart she knew that there were things she had seen and was seeing that others should know about.

Reading Style
Mei-Ling uses no tools, nor is she a medium. Her readings are straightforward, direct, and down-to-earth pure honesty.

She starts her readings by asking for your name, your questions, or your concerns. She does not do general readings because she wants to immediately get to the core of why you called her in the first place, without wasting your valuable time. Therefore she works only with questions to which she will get straight to the point with an answer. Mei-Ling promises no fluff, no sugar coating, no time wasting.

Favorite Quote: “A penny saved is a penny earned”


12/4/2023 2:16:03 AM UTC
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Praise for Mei-Ling

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"Wow "

First time reading she is wonderful. She doesn't need DOB only questions and she start describing the person very well. I really appreciate my reading and I add more money to continue. She confirms everything that I was told by my two favorite psychic. My husband is mean to me because is hurt and suffering and use me as is sucking punch. She suggests to avoid him and enjoy myself. Thanks again God bless you

- stefanie

"Fantastic "

Fantastic reading I add more money to ask her about my career. She saw that in my heart I love stay here in Florida but she suggests to go to Romania for one year if I want. My concern are leaving my two cats alone. She told me don't get rid of him they are your family, tell them mama going on vacation for one year they will understand. I might do that since my husband health is not good at all. When that time arrives I will try to be transfer overseas for one year. Thanks again I add you to my favorites and I will definitely call you back God bless you

- stefanie


Very good!

- reborn


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