Miranda Caldwell
Ext. 1185
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Miranda Caldwell is a Master Psychic, Esoteric Astrologer, Dream Analyst, Life Coach and an ancient Egyptian Tarot reader.

Miranda is bilingual and will read for you in English or Spanish.

With over 50 years of experience, you will find her knowledge vast. Blessed from childhood, Miranda has God given knowledge and powers to help you obtain your individual guidance and answers in areas of relationships, prosperity, career, religion and all other complex matters of this life time.


3/21/2023 8:46:37 PM UTC
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Praise for Miranda Caldwell

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"Nice "

Good advice

- jodine

"Miranda rocks!"

Miranda is so nice and detailed! Love her

- reborn


So accurate!!!

- reborn

"Good Reading"

Another great read!!!

- reborn

"Hearth and Truth"

A stable presence and well preserved wisdom keeper that holds sacred space for any client to come through and allow to unravel what troubles them. A quality of a fun loving elder that is looking out for the caller.

- Iuxabell

"my online mom"

Miranda is always so kind and accurate

- reborn



- Candy86

"Oh My"

Spoke with Mrs. C for the first time. What a sweet soul. She shared I would hear from my intended within the week- I received a text the following morning. Her 50 years of experience was reflected within the reading. She shared that I've met THE ONE, Love her!

- Maryland


Talking with Miranda, was like talking with a close family friend who keenly listens to your question/concern and was able to tell me what will be happen, providing timeframes and why something did not happen recently and many years ago in my career and personal life . She provided answers and insights to questions and things I did not even ask and made great recommendations that I should implement in my life in the future. Interpreted my dream and helped me to understand what to look for in dealing with persons in the future.

- KS

"Good reading "

Good reading

- Caligirl

"good reading"

good reading, thanks

- Mistressleia

"good reading"

good reading, unfortunately prediction made in Feb (for May) didn't come to pass, all other details were accurate though

- Mistressleia


told me she see this year good for us

- jodine

"will be together"

told me not over for me and kids dad

- jodine

"She is the only REAL Psychic"

I do not see a record of me calling Miranda on Saturday the 24th ?? Anyhow, I called to tell her that exactly as she said that this man care deeply for me and will not let me go. She assured me in the softest, but extremely confident way that he will be back to see me the next day, and what his behavior would be like and how I should conduct myself. On Sunday, sure enough, which he has not been doing, and avoiding me, he really called me and said he was coming over to see me.. So I called her to say that he shared some very disappointing things with me on Saturday and she said he would be changing his position on the relationship. . I asked when can I expect to see a change and, ( hope you're sitting down) this incredible woman said TODAY. The changes were already in motion and I would see it happening when he showed up on Sunday. He showed up on Sunday, a totally different man. Made me dinner, never wanted to leave and the out pouring of affection was something I never expected from him, specially after what he told me on Saturday. He left yesterday morning after I left for work, called me yesterday and was back to see me yesterday, never left till today after making me breakfast and wished I was not leaving for work. He has become exactly the person Miranda described he would become. He went from not wanting a relationship to being ecstatic that I care about him and that he does after all have very deep feelings for me and does not want to really ever lose me. Miranda predicted that is precisely how this would enfold. I didn't believe for a moment that he would make such a dramatic change, but she was CERTAIN. Told me not to lose hope, that this would become a very solid relationship. We are now two very happy people, and I'm happy she told me very strongly not to leave. She's worth a million dollars. This is ridiculously long but I had to share this story with you all.

- jazzy413

"Miranda is a true phenomenon"

Miranda said emphatically that I would get a call from this man she claims is destined to be with me between Monday and Wednesday. Late Wednesday I call her to say I had not heard, and she told me, not to worry that Thursday and Friday were actually better days for me. I felt frustrated with her answer, but what do you know the call came from him on Friday, and precisely the way she said the conversation would go ------it happened verbatim. There's more shocking information to come about my next readings with her and the mind blowing accuracy of her predictions. She firmly states her outcome and stands by them. THEY HAPPEN AND I'M IN TOTAL DISBELIEF.

- jazzy413

"Absolutely amazing"

She told me my ex was tall and have one daughter. Exactly. She said she saw I have lots of sisters. 5 exactly. I told her no I only have 4. OMG After the call I realized I did have 5 but 1 passed away. She asked what dramatic happened 2 yrs ago August. I was blown away. 2 yrs ago August the love of my life walked out on me and devastated my life. NEVER HAD A READING LIKE THIS EVER.

- jazzy413

"So hopeful now"

Dear Miranda - Speaking with you was amazing(!). You dove right in addressing my concerns without my saying a word and with only names. My heart so wants to believe that you're right and that your timeline predictions hold true. Your feedback definitely seems to say that my hope isn't misplaced. THANK YOU!!!!

- unitednluv

"Quick and to the point"

She told me our relationship would take off in a new direction after May 11 and would really get better in June. I did notice a positive change on May 19 and hope it keeps going into June.

- Mistressleia

"Great as usual"

Great as usual, she brings a smile all the time. I will keep you posted

- stefanie


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