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Morgan is naturally intuitive and has been reading professionally for more than 20 years. She uses the Tarot, Love cards and Destiny cards to aid her readings. She also specializes in numerology and astrology.

Romance, career, finances, dream interpretation or life in general, Morgan will recognize your need and offer you insight, guidance and clarity delivered with compassion and objectivity.

Empowerment is key to Morgan’s guidance, unearthing all options available to you, in due course bringing you that positive end result for a difficult situation.


5/18/2024 6:49:42 PM UTC
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Praise for Morgan

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Morgan's happy clients have to say.

"Morgan Was Right"

I called Morgan some last Fall with a question about timing. The answer she gave me was correct! I wasn't happy to hear it at the time - and it was different than what many had said - but it turns out she was right. Will be calling her again soon! She's excellent with timing!

- Super Duper

"Love her!"

More people ought to call Morgan. She is quick, direct, and accurate. Truly underrated and way better than most on this site!! Love you Morgan!!

- Bdaycakeremix


Will wait and see..

- indira

"Reading totally oppposite"

Morgan's reading was totally opposite of what 2 other psychics that I usually use told me. I figured she was off, cut my call short. I mean how can she be right when 2 others said totally opposite. Well guess what, she was 100% accurate. It has all played out to date exactly what she had said and it has been almost four months since the reading so if she was wrong, I would have known by now. I will be calling her back again.

- mendave


I enjoyed my reading with Morgan. Seems accurate and easy to talk with. Will definitely call back!

- Sofia


I liked talking to Morgan.. She is very easy to talk to and picked up on alot that was True. Will let you know when what you said comes to pass. Thanks again

- mar222


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