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Psychic readings overview:

My name is Patrick O’Donovan, and I am a Natural-born Intuitive Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Clairsentient. I often use Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology in my readings when appropriate. A psychic reading or consultation with me will provide specific and loving answers. I use my strengths and tools the way Grandma and Grandpa taught me, which was how their ancestors taught them.

What I provide you:

My most effective readings focus on love and relationships, career issues and job changes, the process of having more money in one's life. People feel better after talking to me; they are reassured by my accuracy and my deep, gentle voice. I am an excellent listener, and I am very committed to keeping each reading positive and exciting.

How my psychic readings are unique:

Should you stay or should you go?
Is he or she coming back?
What does this new lover in your life think about you?
When will you get a raise?

My psychic readings are direct and positive. My aim is to answer your specific questions and really work to give you your money’s worth. Your time is valuable.


5/18/2024 7:15:40 PM UTC
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Praise for Patrick O'Donovan

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Patrick O'Donovan's happy clients have to say.

"Accurate "

Been reading me for years always been accurate

- jodine

"Absolutely ?? "

Thank you for the insight and I appreciate you. Patrick remember me from others reading. My poi well worked out the issues.

- Tluv40

"Great reader"

He been spot on my poi and I. I do hope outcome for us to is just as he saw. I do trust all he stated.

- Tluv40

"Must read with "

Absolutely 💯 the real deal. I read with him on mutable occasions and all that he revealed came to past. He is fast detailed and accurate and if he give you a time frame it's spot on. He's a Gem a must read with. Absolutely 💯 the best

- Tluv40

"Accurate "

He’s a nice guy been accurate for me always

- jodine

"Amazing "

Came to pass what he told me he’s been reading me for years

- jodine


Patrick always greets with a warm welcome. My last reading with him provided another bit of info that I didn’t expect so it was a bonus. Thank you for always creating a pleasant atmosphere to request answers to pressing issues.

- critter

"Excellent-as always "

Patrick is a joy to speak to and gets right to the point. His readings are enjoyable and enlightening.

- critter

"Great "

Super good

- jodine

"Super nice "

Been reading me for years have been on point

- jodine

"Work/Life Balance"

After 18 yrs of giving 150% to my firm I decided I have to go. Patrick helped me see my coworker in a different view I didn't ever think about. I told him about a person that will help me redo my resume. He said to do exactly as he has instructed me to do and I will be successful in a job I will be happy with and more $.

- Fire of Aries

"Happy "

Always been happy to read with him told me it’s not nearly over I think you right you always been good to me

- jodine

"Great "

Been reading me for years super good

- jodine

"such a pleasure"

Patrick is such a pleasure to speak with and gives an accurate reading

- Ms thang

"Wonderful to talk to!"

Always great

- reborn

"So Glad we Connected"

Hello love, I'm so happy we were able to connect today sorry I was not able to add more funds, I enjoyed all of your career and love advice... I am ready to grab my piece of the world... Patrick is the best and will always give you what you need to hear with compassion and love!

- Deb

"Thank you"

I think you started me on my spiritual journey. Im so emotional when I talk to you (you understand). I want to thank you dear friend.

- sue t


Yes he is very interested. It has been 3 weeks. He is dealing with cash ow problems and ex-wife problems. Wants to clear it up before he talks to me.

- Fire of Aries

"Empath missing Past Love"

On 5.1.21 I asked to get clarity on a past love that has remarried. So hard to put my arms around for years. He thinks about me all the time. He hasn't parted with her in fear of division of property. Lives with remorse of how he handled thing with me. Feels strongly I will have contact with him this year sometime.

- Fire of Aries

"Always Fabulous & High Quality"

I could sit and just chat with Patrick for hours! He’s been a trusted reader for me for several years. So friendly, warm, delightful and spot on. A true gentleman! Love our catch ups!

- M713


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