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Psychic readings overview:

My name is Patrick O’Donovan, and I am a Natural-born Intuitive Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Clairsentient. I often use Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology in my readings when appropriate. A psychic reading or consultation with me will provide specific and loving answers. I use my strengths and tools the way Grandma and Grandpa taught me, which was how their ancestors taught them.

What I provide you:

My most effective readings focus on love and relationships, career issues and job changes, the process of having more money in one's life. People feel better after talking to me; they are reassured by my accuracy and my deep, gentle voice. I am an excellent listener, and I am very committed to keeping each reading positive and exciting.

How my psychic readings are unique:

Should you stay or should you go?
Is he or she coming back?
What does this new lover in your life think about you?
When will you get a raise?

My psychic readings are direct and positive. My aim is to answer your specific questions and really work to give you your money’s worth. Your time is valuable.


9/18/2020 7:59:20 PM UTC
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Praise for Patrick O'Donovan

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Patrick O'Donovan's happy clients have to say.

"okay right on the money"

He is amazing as always. He was very specific prediction that came past this year about my job. He said I will work with a company that works with environment. As a medical hospital based profession i didn't see that coming but the job offer at a company recently made my jaw drop. He was very specific about for the state or government so that is a major plus!!! However. He has been always around the relationship predictions quite good but unfortunately he did not pick up on CHEATING, may be because it was not an affair and just a one night night stand, It is still cheating. I even asked multiple times throughout that period and he did not pick it up so. He has been very consistent 99% of the time. i would say he is great. Once in a while it is okay to be off but summary, He is an amazing psychic!!! The cheating part is free will you know. But take him for an advisor!!! I have been here and spent so much here but he is always consistent!!

- Dolly


Patrick is great! Picks up on details and is very accurate Thanks!

- Sol


told me kids father will come back i hope so .

- jodine

"Specifics that hold true "

Hey tunes right in connecting with you and gives details that are uncanny. My go-to advisor every time!

- Kris1984


I've called Patrick couple of times and he connects very well and gives you details that other psychics don't pick up. I'm waiting to see if his predictions come true . I'm hopeful!

- Diva1030


I love the way Patrick does his reading. I have done reading with him for several months and everything he said was accurate and happened.

- cap521


I have been speaking to Patrick for several months. I am so amazed of everything that he had said to me came to light and happened just like he said it would. I find him to be the most accurate and on point with his reading.

- cap521

"Waiting to see "

Thank you

- Hero

"He WOWed me!"

I have been reading w advisors along time and with the gift I have it's hard to find a reader that amazes you! Well it was first time the other night reading w Patrick and he WOWed me! He is amazing, he is straightforward, honest and kind. He knew very small details about my life he is absolutely amazing and trust me I think there are good advisors on this line but no one has ever gotten the stuff he did he was amazing!!!!!

- K


He is always the go to, on the money advisor. Also he is kind and to the point. He doesnt waste time. He is very positive and i think that is important.

- Dolly

"I love speaking with Patrick!!!!"

He is the best for me! We truly connect!!!

- krolbarreto

"My friend!!!"

Patrick is more than my counselor. He is my friend. I absolute love talking with him. He is very caring and love. He is the best for me!!!

- krolbarreto

"Great connection"

We have a great connection!!! He is more than an advisor, he is my friend!!!

- krolbarreto

"Predictions come true"

His predictions always proven to be true!

- krolbarreto

"Love speaking with him!"

I love speaking with patrick!!!

- krolbarreto

"wondering why I haven't read with him before"

this was my first reading with Patrick and I found myself wondering why I haven't read with him before, he was very accurate in describing my man and gave me such clarity and a new perspective as to why my man 'drives with the brakes on' as he put it, in our relationship. Will most definitely call back!

- AH

"wise beyond belief"

another wonderful reading, he is wise beyond belief and I wish he was on more often (other than just the wee hours in the morning). If you've never read with him before, call him! You won't regret it.

- AH


He's very good he did say I was going to get a job but he said he was going to be two offers on the table and is going to be more money than I was going to be making and the job that I have accepted its less money.

- indira


he told me he know for sure me and my kids father will reconcile soon

- jodine

"My Own Personal Guru"

I ever and always count it not only a pleasure to speak with Patrick, but a privilege. Questions of the deepest nature and highest importance I feign sharing with anyone other than him. Wise, in touch with reality, and a wellspring of knowledge, can one only trump with understanding. This man possesses all. My hero.

- Romanaire


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