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Growing up without a father and with a troubled mother proved to be a very traumatic experience for Phoenix. He went through a series of emotions because he had seen and experienced so much beyond his youthful years. He experienced what it felt like when people including his own mother thought he was different, he experienced resentment, abuse and many times he felt alone. This unwittingly turned him into an introvert but also exposed his ability of knowing and understanding.

It was during those moments that he found himself immersed in prayer where he would find answers. As a young child he always had a stronger sixth sense than normal. He found he was dreaming more and much of those dreams were coming true. He was having premonitions about future events but kept it to himself. He was picking up on other people’s thoughts although it was never his intention. Those thoughts were sporadic but always so precise that he just couldn’t dismiss it as a coincidence. It was then he sought the guidance of a psychic and as fate would have it, this very gifted psychic told him that his destiny was to do this work, and that’s when he embarked on this journey.

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Phoenix is no longer an introvert but a practicing Christian with a ministry, who helps anyone in need at the first chance he gets. He grew up in a Baptist setting, and although he was always aware of spiritual guidance through prayer, he had not been introduced to any of the eastern practices, until later. He is a student of comparable religion and enjoys looking for the common threads that run through each system. His tool of choice is the Tarot. He was given the tarot deck from a colleague before he had any inkling of doing this work professionally. At first he did not feel any connection to the cards at all, but after starting to use it, he realized his premonitions had become sharper, so he incorporated the cards with his dreams. He practices lucid dream techniques combined with Energy Bridging, an ancient Toltec Mayan teaching which bridges the energy of the cards to his dreams. He is well versed in energy healing. He provides his clients with direction and teaches them spiritual truths. He is compassionate, loving and accurate and enjoys leading his clients beyond the everyday hurdles of life.


7/10/2020 8:10:29 PM UTC
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Praise for Phoenix

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A Brilliant Gift from Heaven Above. An honour to speak and have you as heavenly, blessed and gifted reader. I will continue to manifest my Gift from Heaven Above. Will not give up on My Gift. Thank you is not enough. I will keep you in My Prayer Circle. Keep Well, Phoenix.

- Momma T

"Emotionally Charged "

This man man me cry happy tears. God Bless You, I have added you to my prayers each night. Thank you for your gift. I'm beyond grateful to have the honour of your connection & readings. Until next. Keep well🙏??

- Momma T

"Great Advisor"

Extremely talented!

- BM

"Outstanding chat reading"

Outstanding reading. Loved him and can't wait to do another chat!!

- TK


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