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Michael has been blessed with the gift of seeing the unknown. He works with his spirit guides to obtain accurate and honest information. He started getting visions and communicating with his spirit guides at a very early age in life and by the time he was in his teens he was providing clarity to people’s questions and problems. Michael’s mother loves to tell the story of his earliest prediction. During the summer before school started, Michael kept saying his new teacher had red hair and sure enough his new 1st grade teacher turned out to be a red head. 


If you have never experienced the accuracy of a psychic that is born gifted, then please allow Michael and his spirit guides to provide you with the answers that you need. He is very direct, clear and honest. You can be confident that you will get the truth with the highest level of accuracy and honesty. He has helped thousands of people throughout the years and he will help you too. He does not need any information about you or your situation to start your reading, just say a name or question and he will take it from there.

Favorite Quote: “Be stronger than your excuses”


6/6/2020 3:58:20 AM UTC
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Praise for Michael

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Michael is very matter of fact, doesn't hold back- but isn't that why we all call- to hear the truth? However, he was not rude or demeaning. Actually, he is quite accurate- does not waste your time, and does not need any information from you. I'd say he is quite the addition to Psychic Power and worth you giving him a call. Our calls kept dropping, however, I will phone just to speak with him once again.

- T In Maryland


Great reading!

- penbur


This was my first time speaking with an advisor of any kind, and Michael was exactly who I needed to speak with! I only gave him a name, and he was spot on with my situation. If I was skeptical at all, he erased my doubts in the first minute of talking. Very to the point and does not waste time. Perhaps the only one I will want to chat with again! Many thanks!

- Serena84



- lilswtmiss17


good advice

- larasila


good advice

- larasila


Michael is the best psychic that I had the pleasure of speaking with on this website. He told me my boyfriends name, when I was going to start a new job and how long before I would be on the payroll. I had just found out about the new job 20 minutes before I called him. He told me about my neice that was in my care and about my mother; I didn't ask him about either of them! He gave great information without asking any questions.

- ssolomo3


He was reassuring and gave a fairly good reading.

- critter

"thank you Michael for your kindness!"

Very good listener and nice person. Very quick to the point! Many thank!

- carole

"Very good!!"

I just gave Michael one name + he went with it + told me a lot of very accurate info! There was something in particular I was waiting to see if he would pick up on it + he did + said the same thing that other advisors on this site have said. I hope his timeline is correct - will have to wait + see but I was very impressed that I just mentioned one name with no particulars + he was able to tell me so much info. I will definitely call him again but apparently he is not online very often which is such a shame!!

- luckygirl19

"Really connection!"

Michael seems to really connect with me. I read more than once with him and always keeps the same story. Great reader.

- mar222

"So wonderful"

He is very accurate with picking up on feelings. Kind and non-judgmental. Off on the time line, which is okay with me. Things are evolving. I am going with the flow as they say.

- annabella

"Very Good"

1 of the best, accurate reading

- centralink


1 of the best

- centralink

"Great as usual "

Great and to the point. Not on a lot so catch him if you can!

- hope54


Michael Tuned into my situation very quickly.. Does not waste time. wonderful eexperience!

- lindyluv


very good

- carole



- nadiapeck

"Great Reader"

I have only had Michael read for me a couple of times, he stands firm on his readings. They don't change from time to time as readings do with some readers. I highly recommend Michael. CJ

- natasha2116

"Total surprise"

In the nearly two years of using this site.. I have never spoken with the male psychics. My favorites weren't on last night, so I decided to give Michael a try. What a surprise! He kept it all the way real. It was straight no chaser...Gave him a few details and he sailed. He also gave some recommendations on approach.to solving my problem.. which afterall is what we all really want! He was great...Worth every penny!

- hope54


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