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About Robert

Robert has a natural gift and ability to give insight or to bring clarity in every regard. He is known for being direct, truthful, and accurate in reading energies of a situation. Robert has a commitment to each and every client knowing they are individuals and that all situations are different without generalizations. It is his goal to make sure a client has clarity and some sort of life direction. 


Robert has been reading since he was sixteen. Robert has always been spiritual, which led to divination through tarot, astrology, and geomancy. He has an inherited gift from his mother’s side that is the psychic ability. It was inevitable that God would lead Robert to help his clients in the near future. 

Robert is both self-taught and has had numerous teachers over the years. His first spiritual teacher made his way into Robert’s life when he was sixteen. Robert later read theology, astrology, classical philosophy, and old magical manuscripts from ancient sources. His path would later lead to the path of spiritual guidance, life coaching, and being solution oriented through these readings. 


Robert’s primary skill is intuition. He uses tarot, astrology, and geomancy to further assist his natural intuition to find out the heart of the answer you are seeking. Once the answer is found then Robert helps you find a solution to the issues that will bring about great change in your life. The focus of the readings is in everyday situations that are broad and situational alike.

Robert also reads on situations that are based around friendships, romance, potential romantic partners, dating, marriage, divorce, finance, career, spirituality, and gaining a direction in life. He takes a direct and positive approach to these changes in order to help you find truth and wisdom in these matters. 


The philosophy that Robert follows is to make sure there is truth and advancement in each and every action. Truth is the guiding principle that makes life worthwhile and amazing. Therefore, it is Robert’s bountiful duty to ensure that the client gets the most out of their time with him in the most positive and least resistant way possible. 

Favorite Quote

Excellence is therefore not an action, but a habit. - Aristotle


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Praise for Robert

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"One of Site’s Best"

No fluff, no fantasy, just verifiable facts! Thanks, Robert!

- Romanaire

"Extremely satisfied"

Thank you Robert you were great. I liked his professional sincere reading. He was checking thoroughly with his charts before saying anything and whatever he said was precise to the situation and I am confident it will unfold the way he described. Please do not let the new person title not make you call. You will be very pleased you did it.

- spiritual guru


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