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Sandy has been a psychic counselor, tarot card reader, and life coach for over 30 years.  She is also certified as an instructor hypnotherapy and has taught self-help classes on a variety of topics, including positive thinking in relationships, tarot, past life and aura classes. 


Sandy combines the gift of her psychic sense, along with skills as a coach to help people journey through the challenges of life.  Psychic counseling can help the client to learn more about a situation, and help facilitate a new level of healing.  Sandy is a good listener, has a very kind heart, and always seeks to bring her client to a place of higher understanding and healing.  She is also available to assist those who are looking to develop their own intuition and psychic ability.


Sandy truly enjoys helping people through the crossroads of life.  Whether it is a question about whether a relationship is meant to be, an overdue change of career, or coping with the loss of a loved one, Sandy is a wonderful guide.

As a part of her practice, Sandy often deals with issues of grieving and loss.  This grief can be caused by a traumatic life event, or even more often, by the complications of daily life which can cause pain, sorrow, and stress.  Either way, Sandy has the knowledge and psychic skills to help make sense of it all.

Tarot Cards and Psychic Readings

Sandy uses tarot cards as a part of her readings, as the cards bring spiritual messages and help to bring a sense of peace and understanding.  She explains that she does not view readings as being "right" or "wrong", but rather just the images that come to her during a reading.  These images, or information, zoom across her mind quickly and she speaks this information to her client.  This ability comes naturally to her, and this is why she has chosen to practice in this field, dedicating herself to her clients and maintaining herself in good psychic shape.

Development of Psychic Ability

Sandy encourages everyone to learn about the development of psychic ability. She explains, the more someone practices, the stronger the skills will become.  It becomes easier to build confidence in yourself -- psychic ability builds self-esteem.

A good understanding of psychic ability also helps the client to receive a better reading, as good communication and respect for the psychic world bring the reader and client closer together, creating a better psychic relationship.  In most cases, her clients take the psychic world seriously and want to learn the art and skill of what she calls the coded language.

Changes in Perception

Sandy is excited, as we are witnessing psychic history in the making. All things psychic are no longer taboo.  She observes that people have become open about consulting psychics, and are no longer afraid to tell their friends they receive readings. People seek out education over fear as they come to learn and understand how to use their own psychic ability."

A Story to Share

Sandy has also spent much of her life as a professional wedding planner, guiding many brides, grooms, families, and wedding parties through all the events surrounding the big day.  As such, she counsels both men and women through these big steps, as they try to hold onto each other through the love and tears. One of her favorite stories is as follows...

A bride and groom were debating over how much money to spend on their wedding.  The bride wanted a first class wedding which she could afford. The groom, however, noticed a less expensive option and suggested that would be just fine.  The bride became embarrassed, and was not happy to hear him say this in front of her family.

The next morning, Sandy found the groom waiting on her steps. He was overly tired and upset that his wife-to-be was not speaking to him.  Sandy took this opportunity to help the groom see the situation in a new light and appreciate the good in his life.

Seven months later, the couple married in a first class wedding. As the happy couple ran to their limo at the end of the evening, the groom suddenly turned to Sandy, ran back to her, grabbed her and gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek. The bride watched, waited, and then winked. Sandy winked back, and off they went together to begin a new life. 

In Her Words

"If you feel alone with your pain and you feel the need to speak with me, call me.  If you feel the presence of someone, you love around you and you want to speak with me, call me."


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Praise for Sandy

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Sandy's happy clients have to say.


I was so happy to talk with Sandy. Great reading. Gifted psychic. Predictions were in line with other readers. Will definitely call her again.

- Supernova


good good great love her

- tina3703



- mastermind1


She has given me a lot of advice about my relationship and her prediction of my ex coming back came true. She is truly one of the kind and is a great psychic and relationship advisor.

- wow


- jiyong

"Always great"

- Elena

"Always Excellent"

- E.


not only does she reads your situation with her powers, but she also gives you advice about life and reminds you how important YOU are. She gave me confident in my situation and knows a lot about relationships. I felt like I was talking to a relationship therapist.

- love


Always s accurate...Excellent and caring reader...a friend and talented lady..

- Elena

"kids dad"

well my first time reading with her she didnt predict a lot to me but told me to move back home then i will see the rest happen for me and my kids dad. give nice comments about life so will see wat happen.

- haiti

"Great Advisor"

I think Sandy truly gave me a great reading. I wish I could have spoken to her longer. I was very impressed with how well she was able to see true events and feelings going on in my life.

- Sandra


- heatherlm30

"Gets the essence of the situation"

I didn't rate Sandy 5 stars only because It's too soon to know if what she predicted will happen but, from what I know, she tuned in on the situation as it is and picked up on the character of the people involved very accurately. In my opinion she's one of a few good psychics on this site and I would definitely recommend her.

- Hope


- E.


- E.

"Always Great!"

Sandy has been reading for me for a long time now, she can read into any situation and is always correct in how she reads it. I always turn to Sandy for help and guidance...she only speaks the truth - good or bad and wants the best for her her...and thank you E

- Elena


- Promised


- Promised


- Promised


- Jamie15r


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