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The Heart (open or closed) controls every relationship with everybody...with family, neighbors, friends, employers, the lady at the corner grocery store and that confused and confusing lover. The Heart rules. I read Tarot. Have for many years now. I come from my Heart. I listen. Relationships...relationships of all kinds...are my specialty. I wish you peace.


6/21/2018 5:34:34 PM UTC
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Praise for Satya

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Wonderful and inspiring!

- Kesh


good reading

- penbur



- jodine

"Accurate in so many ways"

Described the layers of my relationship with my man, almost to the point where it seemed to get to him on a psychological level. Reading was very deep and although she told me it would take between 6-12 months for us to get to where we needed to be, which is not what I wanted to hear, she told me to be patient as we have a karmic relationship and our purpose this lifetime is healing, which I appreciated very much.

- Mistressleia


she don't sugarcoat her reading she tell u the good and the bad shes a honest reader I love reading with her

- jodine

"extremely satisfied!"

I have been disappointed in the past with phone psychics but I really connected with Satya and she immediately tuned into what was going on in my life. She didn't sugar coat things or tell me what I wanted to hear and she offered advice on how to achieve what in my life. Definitely recommend a reading from her!

- lcaro

"Fabulous reading "

She was very sweet and comforting I can still remember my reading up to now . She gave me honest advice and also hope for the future

- TaviHam

"Very Goog, XLT Insights"

Would recommend and call again. This woman has spiritual understanding that many advisors lack. Oh yes, they make claims, but this gal delivers!

- Romanaire


Pretty awesome read, good detail, great advice. Would def call again!

- Ken

"great reader"

she tell me the stuff the way its never lies or make me feel something thats not true great reader.

- jodine

"Great reading"

Good connection

- penbur



- penbur

"she connected with me"

I guess for some on here she don't connect but me she remember everything about me and my kids father situation she always give me good advice and accurate on the stuff she see for me so im gonna keep calling me since we always connected,

- jodine


She was okay



More adviser than psychic. Abilities are limited to reading what tarot cards reveal. Do not expect to be blown away with the amount of information provided.

- tubby2707


nice reader

- jodine


good reader

- jodine


nice and understand

- jodine


shall see what happen times will tell

- jodine


time will tell

- jodine


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