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Destiny is a third generational Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant serving the community for more than 20 years now, a journey that her life has taken her on which has been a blessing. Her ability to channel energies presented itself to her at the age of 4, and over the last 20 years she has had many opportunities to help others channel their loved ones, and discover peace within themselves.

Destiny’s specialties are: Psychic, Medium, Pet Psychic, Dream Interpretation, Tarot, Numerology, Meditation, Love, Career, Finances

Reading Style
Guided by the Holy Spirit, Destiny’s mission here on earth as a Child of God is to teach love, heal, remove blocks, intensify financial manifestations and provide inner enlightenment and peace to all who have been divinely guided to speak with her.

Using Shamanic medium channeling, she will help you reach the highest level of results, to change your life for the best. This journey to healing begins with a brief breathing exercise to clear any blocks within your Chakras before initiating your personalized reading.

A Personal Note
If you want to know what he or she is thinking, where your career is headed, how to stay grounded while feeling out of your element, what the future has to offer you, or if closure is needed from a loved one that has passed on, Destiny is your choice. She welcomes the opportunity to help you make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Many blessings, peace, love, and happiness to you!


9/17/2021 12:41:16 AM UTC
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Praise for Destiny

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Destiny's happy clients have to say.

"Is my POI good?"

What a delightful experience. She has the ability to dig deep into your situation. She can answer your deepest questions and provide detailed information.

- Fire of Aries

"Felt the energetic connection"

Thank you for giving me a reading. Your energy was beautiful. You definitly gave me insight on alot that has been on my mind. You also help me to know what direction to go in when dealing with the things on my plate. I felt as if i could talk to you for a ling time, but i might go broke! Lol Thank you again. Hope to speak with you next time! ??🕊?

- univhersoul leight


Destiny is SPOT ON!!! Says he loves me, he will contact me in 7-14 days. Says he feels that he can have me whenever he wants me. When he contacts me, I need to treat him like a friend. He needs to rebuild my trust. I’m not to be too hard on him, but hard enough. There is commitment in the future IF I even want to take him back. He thinks I’m mad and he’s embarrassed he got caught. He doesn’t know what to say. He’s shocked I found out. He doesn’t love her, she’s crazy and their relationship is totally toxic. I need to focus on myself, raise my vibrations, and he will come back. I have to really think about IF I want him back.

- Seekingthetruth

"She was great"

She was kind and patient. So glad i gave her A call despite having only one feebback. She was extremely detailed and thorough with her explanations and predictions. She picked up with no info from me with details to prove she is gifted. I will definitely be calling her back. Thank you so very much Destiny!

- Princesstee


hi Destiny are you coming back online tonight? I had put in a call earlier but you logged off.

- Ladyofstandards


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