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Shiraa has been an intuitive counselor, astrologer, numerologist, medium and tarot card reader for as long as she can remember. She has given guidance to a countless number of people and specializes in areas of love, career, pets, worldly communication plus any other areas or issues her clients wish to discuss.

She has written clairvoyant advice columns for local publications and has contributed to annual predictions for a popular local newspaper. In addition her astrological insights have been published nationally in various metaphysical magazines.

Look to Shiraa for Feng Shui advice. She will give you tips on how to create more peace and harmony in your life using Feng Shui. How you arrange your living space may make all the difference.

Most importantly however, Shiraa will not only listen to your concerns and give you advice, but she genuinely cares.


9/28/2023 2:10:43 AM UTC
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Praise for Shiraa

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Shiraa's happy clients have to say.

"Excellent "

Shirra is an excellent reader- clear, detailed and to the point. I love that she gives timelines. Plus, she doesn’t waste time. And explaining things as she goes along. Awesome.

- Lisa/virgo


She is always on point and all predictions comes to fruition! Gives accurate details always! my go to for sure~~~

- Leelish2


It was a pretty general reading. Some information she gave seemed to be on point. Predictions that came to pass was about a 50/50 split.

- CG

"Very good"

Very Good

- cap521

"Very good"

Very Good

- cap521

"Ms mookey"

I have been calling for a year now shiraa is one of the best readers on here besides Marie she is very accurate shiraa have told me things that really come true. I been speaking with her for a while now. I would call her back in a heart beat.she is the best

- mook

"Very accurate"

Very accurate and informative. Easy to talk to.

- pulelehua


Good reading and advice.

- Twinkly56

"Awesome reading!"

Shiraa gave a very supportive reading! She is very open minded, gives clear answers, and makes it all positive in her answer!

- shoreladyam

"Genuine psychic"

While most readers are merely good conversationalists, Shiraa is one of the truly genuine readers on this site. She's foreseen and predicted many events in my life. Call her if you're looking for a glimpse of the future.

- adxs


I enjoyed my reading with her! Accurate!

- Twinkly56

"Good connection"

i really liked my connection with her!

- penbur

"Shiraa Delivers!"

Excellent reading. Detailed. We all want details, not just basic predictions. Shiraa delivers it...

- Giddyup

"Very Good Reading"

Thank you very good reading.. Will call you again.

- Giddyup


say we not over

- jodine

"she's very accurate"

I like shiraa she. The real deal 3th time talking to her n she was right on. She always give me to predictions.she said reson he had stop talking to me cause he was tryna. Deal with his ex wife are someone from his pass. She said We would be talking by this weekend.but have not heard from him yet. But will wait n see.

- mook


told me that soon my kids father will come back to me

- jodine

"Gifted and on point"

I've spoken to Shiraa many times and she would say things during the reading that I thought were far fetched . Almost every time those things would come to pass. And so now I trust her insight and ability. She is one of truly gifted readers on this site.

- lucian


Excellent. Thank you.

- Jkt

"a real connection"

I really enjoyed her reading n shes very nice kind. Most of all she accurate.... would definitely be giveing her a call n few weeks hope everything else come to n a couple months

- mook


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