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About Sophia

Sophia is experienced and wise and has always been psychic.  Her maternal grandmother who passed away many years prior to her birth was a psychic healer and a medium and Sophia naturally inherited those skills which were later further honed under the expert teaching and guidance of Kenny Kingston and Carrol Righter, Hollywood’s astrologer to the stars. 

Sophia demonstrates her psychic insight by tapping into the “Wisdom of Ages” and will often consult a 5000 year old oracle. Her specialties are centered on the four areas of psychic reception, the solar plexus (gut feeling), the crown and top of the head (intuitive knowing), each side of the head just above the ears (inner hearing) and the third eye (aura /vision). 

As a clairaudient, she will receive a“ psychic echo”  or a “psychic response”  from the many thoughts that bounce off the universe. Highly advanced in psychic hearing she will pick up mental impressions as she listens to the person speaking.  Psychic hearing is the ability to listen between the lines and psychic attention is attracted not so much by what is being said, as by something beyond the sounds and words. As a visionary she sees a picture of the way things should be, delivering creative solutions to problems, the objective is to improve the overall quality of life. As a feeler, a pleasant surrounding is most important and a touch or a hug is just as important. She will feel your emotions as if you are right there with her.  As a clairvoyant or an intuitive, her sixth sense is noticeably increased.  You will find her readings to be analytical, assertive and highly informative and although she uses all her psychic gifts, after so many years of giving readings via the telephone, she has discovered that intuition and hearing are the most effective. 

Sophia is proud that she has been able to use her gifts of insight for so many years to benefit so many by way of the telephone. She will uplift you and help you to understand karmic tendencies. She will shine a light on the most logical steps needed to change negative situations into positive outcomes.  


11/18/2017 2:08:19 PM UTC
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Praise for Sophia

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Sophia's happy clients have to say.


saying it not over

- jodine


Interesting and good

- Redgomez


This review is for a reading from last Spring. I had a situation that was causing me a lot of stress. She told me everything would work itself out in a particular way - and it did. I still recall her saying "you will look back and realized you worried so much for no reason." Sure enough, I spent a lot of energy on worrying and it was not necessary. Her prediction was correct. Thank you Sophia.

- Juliana101

"Will call back"

great reading I call back

- stefanie

"Right on"

A lot of her information was right on the money. Hoping for some good outcomes.

- ConnieSue

"Overall very good"

Although she took quite a bit to start the reading once she did she really tuned in with her very unique style of reading and made accurate descriptions of the situation . I will definitely call her back.

- spiritangel

"WOW! "

I was absolutely amazed at Sophia's accuracy, and the fact that she picked up on, and stated something about the situation that I had not told her! Definitely calling again, probably in just a few minutes...

- dsb


What she told me was true & accurate !! Because she told me something I didn't know the answer of til a couple weeks later my friend called me & said they weren't together anymore!!

- zariia863

"another great reading"

she still feel me and my kids father will get back together she told me im gonna get one last chance with him i need to learn from my mistakes so i dont repeat them again im so hoping for that .

- jodine

"good reading"

good reading waiting on result

- stefanie

"Unique reading"

Love the tools she uses and her unique reading style, would call back

- Mistressleia


I enjoyed my reading with Sofia. Her style is a bit different than others I've tried - but I liked it. She uses tarot as a tool, but has her client tell her when to stop so they are selecting the two cards she pulls. After the reading she will answer yes or no questions using her guides. It also seems like she does some sort of automatic writing or something. Thought that part was great! Overall, I liked her style and she was very uplifting - the kind of person that can see the good through the bad. Will call her again.

- Lulu


I will call again. She is great. and I love the tools she uses.

- mastermind1


shes super good people u need to give her a try she say me and my hubby will be back together

- jodine


another great chat with her she feel that we need someone to talk to us or a conselor she feel we not over she got yes for a lot of question

- god child


I usually don't write reviews but she was awesome. In my situation she was right. Its not what I want in my life but she prepared me for what is coming. My husband and I broke up 2 years ago and he is living with another woman but still wants to postpone the divorce. I dont . The reading was so real I can't stop thinking about it! I am speechless! I would give her a chance before the price goes up. I have spoken to a lot on this site and she is by far the best

- techgirl

"A True Gem"

Sophia is great! Truly a gifted mystic with unique talents. Can't wait to talk to her again.

- Stella Luna


This reader is so different from the others.She gives another dimension to the reading..She is able to predict situations accurately.Has been right with her predictions for me.She is great with timelines.

- Lena231


so happy i tried her that day she was super honest and accurate about what she saw for me and hubby told me to try to pray a lot and she didnt think we was over amazing reader will try her again .

- god child


I had a lovely reading with Sophia. She accurately read my situation and gave me clear insight about where to go from here. Many of the things she said were very deep and made a lot of sense. It's clear she takes what she does very seriously, and that she very much wants to help. Will definitely call her again.

- Venus in Libra