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Readings and Specialty

Tabitha specializes in sensitive issues involving relationships, money, life path, love, business and pets.

She is pure clairvoyant who reads her clients without the use of tools. Instead she uses the caller’s energy accompanied by a razor sharp sight and heightened awareness. She starts her readings off by asking for a first name and a date of birth, but it’s not necessary for every caller. If there is an issue of concern being described by the caller, during this time Tabitha is already tuning into that caller’s energy where she will immediately start receiving and communicating information.   She is honest and direct but also patient and compassionate.


When Tabitha is not doing readings you will find her taking long drives in the mountains to clear her mind and see the beauty that exists. She is a strong believer that you get in life what you have the courage to ask for. 

Her favorite quote is:  “advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t”


10/18/2018 2:53:38 AM UTC
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Praise for Tabitha

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"Put me at ease..."

After speaking with Tabitha, she put me at ease. She picked up on my situation fast. I hope evrything she said comes to pass. thank u tabitha!

- vichan


Very fast connecting and gave extra info too regarding my situation!!! Very honest a true gem that I’m sure will not stay 1.99 for very long !! Thank you

- Breezenpalmtrees


Awesome psychic. To the point, does not waste your $ or time. Always spot on.

- pulelehua

"Very informative! "

This is my first time speaking with Tabitha, accurate time lines and good detail. Adding her to my "favs"

- MT

"Amazing behave"

I wish and pray to God for you dear.You have just made my life to have a hope to live for.Otherwise i was so broken and was thinking to die.I hope that your readings would be accurate in future and i could live my life happily again after good 28years.God bless you dear friend.Lots of love.

- tarannumrazzaque



- jodine


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