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Wendy is a Cherokee Indian Psychic Empath. She is actively psychic and clairvoyant and became aware of her talents when she was 4 years old. Since then she has utilized her psychic skills every day of her life conducting readings nationally and internationally for over 14 years.

Wendy is fully versed in all forms of divination and prognostication including Tarot, Runes, Astrology, Numerology, Dream Interpretation, Horary Astrology, and Divination with Dice, (a well kept secret, very accurate for short term yes and no questions).

The traditions of Wicca and Shamanism, as well as the spirituality of her Native American heritage, have enriched her life and enhanced her skills, enabling her to offer guidance and hope to others in times of need or during periods of confusion.

Her psychic skills are accurate and concise, most especially in questions involving Love and Relationships for which she utilizes Tarot to begin. For career issues she offers solid guidance based on casting astrological, numerology and/or horary charts and referencing data specific to each person’s unique circumstances.

For more immediate results she uses Divination with Dice which indicates the unfolding of daily events, within a 24 to 48 hour time period.

For an enlightening look at subconscious and subjective issues, Dream Divination brings deep healing, by merging subconscious thoughts into a clear focus in the conscious mind. Timing is quite a large part of dream analysis and as you become aware of the meaning of your dreams, events manifest.

Wendy’s area of Psychic study, the area of spirituality that she loves and cherishes on a deep and profound level is Life after Death and Reincarnation. She answers questions regarding this field of occult study in simple, easy to understand terms. She is Clairvoyant, (she hears, sees and speaks with those who have left their mortal bodies).

Wendy’s work in this fascinating area is geared towards investigating, clarifying and explaining to those of us still living in our mortal bodies what Life and Love is like in the 4th Dimension, when we no longer have a mortal body of flesh and bones. She is truly blessed to be able to explain the exact procedure of the soul leaving its mortal shell for the afterlife in simple and easy to understand terms.

So, no matter whether you are confused in love, worried about money, uncertain in a career matter, or missing a deceased loved one, it is Wendy’s deepest pleasure to assist. If you have questions in life, love, money, career or the future outcome of any present circumstance, Wendy will answer these questions and more. She loves what she does and she is here for you.


4/15/2024 3:55:34 PM UTC
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Praise for Wendy

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"Great reading "

The reading was fantastic

- Jobbie

"Wonderful reader!!! "

Wendy has been so helpful on several very difficult occasions. She is so accurate and insightful that I am beyond grateful to her for her help!! May God bless her!

- rst1111

"Love Wendy"

Wendy very energetic tunes in gives good insight!

- member18

"Great help!"

Wendy tunes in answered all questions! Gave me great suggestions that I could use! She was very helpful! Gave accurate timelines!

- member18


Great! I needed clarity on my career situation she reviewed both sides of the issue and gave me an answer which let me to make the best decision! I love her honesty and she is very intuitive!

- member18


Wendy is good at answering all your questions! She zeroed in and gave me clarity! I can now think very clearly in knowing what to do with business, finances, family etc She nailed all subjects like no one can! She has helped me a lot in the last 2 days!

- member18


Wendy tunes right in! She gave me dates of the months of exact when to do things: I spoke with her months ago and she predicted good with time. She also picked up good things with money coming my way with the projects I have now! She gave me clarity on all events that were going on and I felt like I knew what to do after speaking to her She was a really big help. Wendy is very intuitive! She picks up a lot of things and gives you details! She has great positive energy always seems interested in helping others. I will most definitely be in touch with her again!

- member18

"Intuitive "

Wendy is very intuitive, picks up so much detail behind any question. She makes you feel great after every call!

- member18


Wendy is very energetic she give you this great feel when you are talking to her! She picks up a lot as you speak to her. Wendy is very detailed and descriptive picking up on people feelings etc. I was going through a little of a rough day! She really made my day after talking to her!

- member18


Wow! Wendy was very friendly! She connected so quickly answered my questions and had so many details to back it up. She picked up so many positive things to come for the next few months. Wendy is very gifted and was a lot of help!

- member18

"Amazing "

Wendy was so nice the minute we got on the phone it was like I was talking to my best friend!!! Let's see if things go right with my ex girlfriend.....thanks Wendy I'll be calling back for a update!!

- Shakedda5/6 Taurus


When you spend the time to open up issues with a psychic you can find truth to things you miss on short calls.. Excellent!! Thank you

- Giddyup


Oh my Gosh!@!!@! She cracked an egg in my relationship and an eye opening reality of help.. Wow Thank you for the help I so need it.. I am in a situation that is not good for me.. and need help to move out and onward...

- Giddyup


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