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#1 Posted on
12/2/2009 5:59:59 AM
by Daniella
One of my friends is a writer, and spends much of her time in front of a keyboard. She was sitting there recently, musing about the amount of time she spent in front of her keyboard. Instantly she flashed on someone that she is interested in - who plays the keyboards! She felt a sense of peace and harmony - the questions that she had been having about their relationship were gone in that instant. That small common symbol - that they both use keyboards - was enough to bring in some very spiritual wisdom for her. It was a healing, certainly, and it was synchronicity. :)
#2 Posted on
12/3/2009 3:41:14 AM
by Lilith
What lovely synchronicity for your friend! Such a simple thing as the written word brought about a beautiful "Aha!" moment! I think that we all need to leave ourselves open to this type of experience. Things come together in wonderful w ays when we do not attach outcomes to them!
#3 Posted on
2/6/2020 3:57:53 PM
by MrLambda
Unfortunate that we haven't accepted that psychic powers are largely machine augmented.