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Unmistaken Child

#1 Posted on
1/11/2010 4:38:25 PM
by LoLo
This is a great film about the spellbinding journey of Tibetan Buddhist monk Tenzin Zopa as he travels far and wide to identify the child who is the reincarnation of his deceased master, Lama Konchog. Acting on instructions from the Dalai Lama, the shy Zopa relies on astrology, dreams and other signs to locate the child, knowing that if he succeeds, he must also convince the boy's parents to release their child into his care.
#2 Posted on
1/13/2010 5:52:43 AM
by Daniella
I have always been fascinated about the manner in which religious leaders of various denominations are chosen. In this case, the movie is as much aboutt he journey of the monk, and his personal enlightenment, as it is about he Chosen One.