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2/20/2010 8:59:35 AM
If you find yourself stuck in a vicious cycle of worry, and life just seems to be a repetitive cycle for you, i would suggest a life changing book called "The Power of Now". I would suggest reading it in a different manner however. Read only 7 pgs at a time, with a special notebook and pen in hand. write down what jumps out at you, apply it to your life, write down situations or ideas it makes you think soak all that in for a few move on to the next 7 pgs. especially for women: every woman should read "Women who run with wolves" easy read of short parable like stories with the theme of the value of coloring outside the lines that society has set for us as women. I started reading these stories to my 8 y/o grandaughter, one at a time, and we enjoy very deep discussions about their meanings, her goals, her philosophies....8 yr olds can be very wise. and for those days you are down....EVERYONE should have a copy of "harold and his purple crayon" by their bedside. its so much deeper than it first is really about having the power to create our own future, and about the spectrum of possibilities that life offers us. Hi i'm Daisy Lea, i am a new reader to, but have been a top rated psychic and medium with other companies for some time now. I seldom receive less than a 5 star rating, and i respect your time and money. i'm here to help you grow and discover. I hope we talk soon. Daisy Lea xt 3777 ps, i have been ill and hospitalized and still recovering, but hope to be on by next wk, i cant wait to talk to you!
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2/25/2010 3:34:36 AM
by Daniella
"The Power Of Now" sounds like a very interesting book. I think there are times when we all feel caught up in cycles. I don't know that I go along with reading a set number of pages at a time - no matter what that number of pages is. From my perspective, I think that reading to a point that you are still understanding what is read is a good idea. Taking notes I feel is optional sometimes I do, sometimes I do not. Putting the information to work in my life - now that is something that I like to do. The note taking process should be a natural thing - not a process in and of itself. Applying the information to your life should be a natural process. "Women Who Run With The Wolves" is a great book. One to be read, and then reread. :) There are many levels to this book. "Harold and HIs Purple Crayon" I have never heard of. I love books, and hope that each of you cross paths with books that help you empower your lives!
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5/14/2010 8:00:51 AM
by mariposa
I have tried reading The Power of Now and had a hard time getting past the first 50 pages. I love this idea of reading only 7 pages at a time!! There is so much information to absorb in the book, this makes it seem much more manageable. Thank you also for suggesting Women Who Run With the Wolves. You are the third person who has recommended it, so now I must read it! I believe the audio book for both of these is available on I Tunes.