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How Do You Know Your Psychic and much more!

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5/8/2011 2:33:18 AM
by Ranelle
How do I know if I am psychic?" The obvious answer, if you are having visions and/or premonitions (a feeling that something is going to happen whether it is to a certain person or a feeling that a situation is going to occur and then it does). If you meet someone for the first time and instantly get a gut feeling about that person whether it is positive or negative and then you find out later that your feeling was correct. If you have reocurring dreams that seem so real and then later that something in that dream physically takes place. If when you are around someone you can feel the energy of that person's emotions such as you can sense some anger, sadness, depression, fear, jealousy, greed (I am using these lower emotions because the lower emotions are the strongest and it will be the strongest emotions which most people will begin to perceive at first when opening up some people give up at this point but if they continue to open the higher emotions will come in as strongly as the lower). If you hear voices which are giving you messages and seem to guide you at certain times and if you are experiencing or have experienced any of the above on a somewhat consistent basis then "Yes you are Psychic". Q: How do I "turn off" my psychic experiences? A: You may not be able to turn them off but you can turn them down, get control over them in time. Eventually, you will come to see this as a psychic gift, rather than a psychic curse. You can use Grounding and certain tools to control your psychic growth so that you will not feel over whelmed and you can use Psychic Protection and Meditation to help to control and block the energies anytime you are feeling vulnerable or feeling over loaded Psychically. Q: How do I increase my psychic awareness and experiences without feeling overloaded? A: It is also difficult to "control" psychic experiences. Even the most gifted Ppsychics/Intuitives have days when they have to rest. The best way of increasing your psychic awareness is to practice your exercises the more you practice the more you will open up. As you open up you will have more and more experiences. Alot of people rush in and are in too much of a hurry to get their psychic abilities going will tend to practice their exercises for too long a period of time (an example is hours at a time) while this will increase their awareness they can become very over whelmed with what is coming through to them and they will burn out very quickly. It is important to practice but to also leave time afterwards for relaxation, lay down for 1/2 an hour, meditate, watch TV, listen to some relaxing music, anything that will help to allow you to rest. I cannot be persistent enough about the importance of giving your body and mind a rest after using your Psychic gifts. I have seen many Intuitives through the years who have jumped into elevating their abilities and have burnt out very quickly because of a lack of discipline and rest. The best way to improve your accuracy is to keep a journal. Journal-keeping will help you sort out the real impressions and be more accurate over time. Q: Am I Crazy? A: There may be times when you may question your self, what you see, what you feel, what you hear, maybe your sanity. Being beset by unexpected visions and feelings can be pretty scary at first. We're living in a culture that still views a person's strong Psychic (Intuitiveness) as Taboo. As we open up our perceptiveness even our own family and friends may think we've gone kooky----that is stressful. It is normal at first to feel a little afraid and to question the credibility of your senses. You will be opening a door to another dimension, climbing to another level that is not familiar to you, it is ok to feel afraid as long as you realize that what you are experiencing is completely normal in conjunction with what you are reaching for, which is to evolve to a higher place to evolve to a higher vibrational level than where you are now. Many people find keeping a journal of their experiences has helped them alot. Writing down your gut feelings (impressions) about a person you just met, testing your tools (such as the pendulm with yes and no answers) and waiting to see if the results were right. Journal any significate dreams you have, if you are doing auto-matic writing keep them journaled and dated. I've suggested to people that if they are in a restaurant and meet someone new there whom they get a gut feeling about to write it down on a napkin, if they don't have a tablet. I suggest that you keep a small writing tablet in your pocked or purse with a pen when you go out just in case you need it. Q: What are some of the signs that I may be Psychic? A: Most of the people I have met over the years have a common ingredient in their personalities and that is that they are extremely sensitive considered "Super Sensitive". The more Sensitive a person is the more intuitive they are. If you were classified as the "the high strung one" "the worry too much one" as you were growing up then you are asuredly Psychic/Intuitive. The studies that have specialated that women in this profession out number the men 10 to 2. Most women are more intuned with their feelings, they allow themselves to feel. Where alot of men are raised to repress their feelings and told that it is not ok for a man to be sensitive. Because of this they are not as sensitive to their intuitiveness as women. Another quality I have found that Psychics/Intuitives have in common is that they have a tendency to withdraw into their own emotional space quite often, even though they may go out socially and live an active social life there is a part of them that they keep separate from the world. I have found this in almost all the other Psychics/Intuitives I have met in the 36 years I have been in this profession. This withdrawal is a protective mechanism that they have learned to develop to help block out the energies around them so that they won't feel over loaded. This is definitely a good way of blocking any negative energy that may come their way that could otherwise adversely affect them and drain their energy. If you really "feel" the feelings of any individual. An example: Someone you just hung up with on the phone was very depressed, you felt fine when you started talking to that person but after the conversation you now feel depressed. Your around someone who is irritable and you become irritable. Your talking to someone who is feeling really joyful and happy and even though you didn't feel that way after being around them you now have the sensation of feeling upbeat. If you pick up on other's feelings quite strongly when you are talk to them/around others then you are most probably an "Empath which is Psychic". . Q. I think my child may be psychic, how do I deal with this? A: Be supportive, but don't make too big a fuss. Make notes in a journal about your child's experiences and reassure them that they are gifted and blessed. Keeping a journal will help your child (and you) to express how they are feeling. Making a journal of what your child perceives, hears, dreams and feels and then having those perceptions manifest later can give your child an understanding that he or she are receiving information from the Divine and that is nothing to be afraid of, this will calm some of their fears/anxieties. This will help your child to feel that he or she is maybe different than their friends only in some ways because they have received these gifts at birth, but they are still like their friends in their regular daily activities. If you feel that your child is still having a difficult time adjusting then I would suggest that you seek out someone who is a practicing Ethical Psychic/Intuitive/Medium who may be specializing in working with children/young adults who can help guide your child into understanding why they have these gifts, help them to accept their gifts and how to control them so that they can overcome their anxieties and do not stay feeling overwhelmed. Most of all be Kind, Listen and Supportive. The new "Souls" who have been brought in over the past 3 decades and especially the past 11 yrs. have been brought in on a much much "Higher Vibrational Level" and so they are on an extremely "Super Sensitive" level. They are our future Leaders, Healers and Teachers in a World which will need their abilities/gifts on a global scale. So if your 5 yr. old tells you he or she hears or feels something, then it's in all our best interest to listen.

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