Psychic Scams

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6/5/2012 3:21:10 AM
HOW TO DETECT A PSYCHIC SCAM Check his or her credentials, degrees, media appearances, celebrity photos, web sites, etc. Before making an appointment, check the psychic’s references. Ask friends for recommendations, or check out someone who has appeared in the media. Ask the psychic if you may tape the session. If the answer is “No,” don’t do it. If your reading is in-person, ask if you may bring someone along to take notes. If the psychic will not allow it, it is a red flag. A psychic who does only past life readings isn’t necessarily a fraud, but it is difficult to validate such a reading. Another red flag. Avoid psychics that make 100% guarantees, they don’t exist. Especially in reuniting a lost love-it’s a rip-off and big business. Use common sense. Someone with a name such as “Sister Mother Theresa, Madam Madonna, or Mrs. Smith” who was canonized last week by an unknown church and says she can solve all your problems is obviously a scam artist. Find out if the price charged is comparable to other psychics- including legitimate famous psychics. Also, agree on a price beforehand. Be suspicious if the psychic adds on charges, changes the price, or insists on multiple visits. Stay clear of anyone who says you have a curse or spell on you but that, through certain rituals, they can clear it up-along with lots of your cash!

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