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6/11/2012 3:06:54 PM
CHOOSING A PSYCHIC: THE GOOD AND THE BAD A good psychic can make predictions in a useful way and with a high degree of accuracy. When choosing a psychic, choose the psychic and reading method best for you, but be sure to check into the psychic’s professional background, paying particular attention to his or her years of experience and level of spiritual development. Ask friends you trust for their recommendations, and others that may be in a position to judge. Psychic ability, misunderstood by many, is not weird or strange; rather, it is completely natural, possessed in some degree by all of us, and proven throughout the ages by scholars, theologians, and scientists. Spiritual achievement is one of the most religious and holy of human endeavors, and there is no constructive use of psychic powers that can cause mental, physical, or spiritual harm. Unfortunately, there will always be those who misuse their abilities to take advantage of others, and the psychic realm is no different in this regard. I recall one psychic in Cleveland, OH who used her gift of clairvoyance to win over the confidence of her clients, and then unnecessarily proceeding to initiate a very expensive dependence of that person on her psychic powers. In one case, a distraught woman had come to her, thinking there was a curse on her husband. In reality, “curses” don’t exist at all. Some people may be affected by strong, negative energies directed their way, but that is not a curse per-se. The psychic gave the woman some information about her husband, which could have been obtained only through ESP and in this way won the woman’s confidence. The psychic then told the client she would need to pay her several more visits, to “remove the curse.” The cost was $500 (or $1,000’s!) per visit. Eventually, this psychic disappeared from the area and hasn’t been heard from, but she may have set up shop elsewhere, preying upon other unsuspecting clients in need. Another common psychic scam is the psychics who make claims to “reunite lost loves 100% guarantee!” This is wrong on different levels. First, God has given us the extraordinary power of free will and nobody (including God!) can force someone to do what they want or WILL the “targeted person” to do. It is also highly unethical. Second, the old saying: “there is no such thing as a 100% Guarantee” also holds true here. Given what I have already said about free will, no matter how much a relationship may seem right, some things are just not meant to be. With something as special and important as a genuine loving relationship is; it would be impossible to force it into being.

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