"How To Attract Your Ideal Mate"

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6/11/2012 8:42:27 PM
Hello Sweet Spirits, I thought that I would give you some more advice.--- Falling in love is actually a powerful experience of feeling the Universe move through you. The other person has become a channel for you, a catalyst that triggers you to open up to the love, beauty and compassion within. SHAKTI GAWAIN From the moment I opened up to my friends in college about my psychic gift, the questions I've been asked the most have been about love and relationships. Everyone wants to know: "When will I meet my soul mate?" "Am I dating him now?" "Will I ever hear from him/her again?" Or, "Where can I find my ideal mate?" Each person is looking to find their ideal mate to share in their journey. Without love, people feel empty and lonely. Love is the nutrition required by our souls to energize us toward achieving our purpose on Earth. That's why it feels so good. When we're in love, we feel as if there's nothing we can't accomplish. Our bodies, minds, and souls are healthier. It's no wonder that if you're not in love, you want to be. And that's why we're driven to take the risks necessary to find our ideal mate: we go on blind dates, answer personal ads, read books, attend classes, call psychics, and pray to find our soul mate. The process of finding your ideal mate is an opportunity to learn about yourself and your purpose in life. Finding your ideal mate is more than just universal coincidence. It's true that most people meet their ideal mates unexpectedly, but that meeting is a by-product of the energy that you've been reflecting to the Universe for a long, long time. The journey toward finding your ideal mate begins with knowing, respecting, and loving yourself first. My beloved mother, told me when I was growing up that it was important to develop myself as a person. This would then allow me to attract another complete person into my life. She said, "The most important earthly relationship that you have is with yourself." It's important to understand what you really want in a relationship at any given point in your life, because that's what you are going to attract. A friend of mine was recently divorced, and she often said that she was looking for someone to have fun with but not have a committed, ongoing relationship with. The men who kept appearing in her life were also interested in a noncommitted relationship. Eventually she complained that none of the men she was dating wanted more than a casual relationship. I reminded her that she was fond of saying that she wanted only fun, without commitment. That's the message she was presenting to the Universe, and that's what she was getting. At some point she changed her mind about what she wanted, but she didn't change her request to the Universe. As we move through different phases of our life, the definition of an ideal mate will also change to meet our changing needs. During certain times of your life you may enjoy the lessons you can learn from dating many different people. You may also believe that there's one ideal mate for you, and you will put your time and energy into creating and maintaining that relationship. Sometimes you may think you've sent out one request and you wonder why you keep receiving something else. This is when you must take an inventory of your true beliefs about relationships and your ideal mate. The Universe is always listening to our requests. A couple of years ago a colleague of mine had been dating a man for about a year, but he had not yet expressed his feelings about their relationship, or whether he even wanted to explore the possibilities of it continuing in the future. Driving down the highway one afternoon, in exasperation, she said out loud, "All right, I'm tired of this. I want to know what he wants!" Much to her surprise -- although she shouldn't have been shocked, since she had directly asked the Universe for information -- her boyfriend, over dinner that evening, and without any hint from her, not only brought up the subject but volunteered quite emotionally that he cared deeply for her and wanted the relationship to last. While some people might term this a coincidence, many of us know that when we ask for information or make our feelings known to what we loosely refer to as the Universe, or God, or whatever we choose to call the creative force we are intertwined with, we will get an answer, and often quite quickly. Somebody or something "out there" is always listening -- and is indeed here to assist you. As many spiritual leaders have stated, the Universe conspires to fulfill all our dreams.---How I Do A Psychic Reading: When I begin a psychic consultation, I tune into your "AURA" and immediately into the main and most important areas of your life. I then proceed to answer your questions. I suggest that specific questions be written down in advance so that I can cover as many areas and answer as many questions as possible. My psychic/spiritual consultations are done by clairvoyance (psychically seeing pictures, names, words, visions, images, symbols, auras, etc.), clairaudience (hearing voices from the spirit world-God, angels, spiritual guides and teachers, and loved ones), intuitive impressions (strong feelings), inspiration (spiritual illumination of the mind with specific information), and telepathy (mind-to-mind transfer of thought and information). I am a spiritual person and I attribute my abilities to GOD, the higher power. I receive information concerning the past, present, and future and I will tell you the truth about what I see and not just what "you want to hear"! I don't "guess", I psychically KNOW!~I use the power of my mind combined with the power of God and God's Messengers (Angels and Other Higher Beings) to channel this powerful electrical magnetic energy in and around the client for healing of the body, mind, spirit and other areas. As I tune into the person, God's power begins to work through him into the caller. The more open and receptive the caller remains, the better the healing results. Often a person may need a series of healing treatments. Sometimes there is a miraculous or spontaneous healing or a remission. GOD is ALWAYS the healer!
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by jill1234
There's no word that satisfactorily depicts what love is. Every one of the words in our vocabulary are three-dimensional words. Love is something that goes past the third measurement. Adore needs to do with reverberation. It's when individuals meet up in ideal congruity on all planes of comprehension. So, today I'll discuss how to pull in the perfect accomplice. At that point, in up to 14 days, I'll cover how to keep up a cherishing relationship. https://www.psychicreadings-au.com/
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that's nice presentation. Thank you!