The “Vibes” of Psychic Phenomena

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6/12/2012 12:43:57 PM
One of the major areas of scientific research, in recent decades, has been the atom and its potential and role in life. The atomic bomb is an example of how scientists were able to turn the atom’s vibrations into a powerful destructive force. On a more positive note, the atom has been found to be the basic element of all things found in the universe. The difference between living and nonliving and between gases and solids is simply a difference in atomic vibration. Our senses may tell us, when we touch a chair, that it is solid, but actually it is a field of electronic and protonic energies moving at a set rate of vibration creating the experience of “chair”. The whole world, we discover, is in a state of ever-becoming. There is never a rest in this atomic movement; all matter is in a constant state of change, whether we can perceive it with the naked eye or not. For this reason, scientific theory now holds that the universe is not a thing, but, rather, a series of processes. Because process is often difficult to see, our perception of the world remains inherently distorted. Throughout history, people who had unusually high intuitive or ESP ability have claimed they weren’t limited in time or space, that they could see into the future as well into the past. In fact, they had learned to detect and interpret atomic vibrations and to move knowingly within the seen and unseen worlds of existence. The ancient sages understood the importance of these vibrations. It is interesting to note that, although their fact-finding methods differed greatly from today’s scientific method, many of those conclusions reached then were essentially the same as those scientists are reporting today. While no one has yet discovered what the force is that causes atoms to vibrate, we do know that atoms differ from one another according to the number and action of the minute particles called protons and neutrons that form the atom’s nucleus. Vibration makes the atoms move out in all directions, bombarding other surrounding atoms. These collisions have a measured effect on, but do not destroy the individual atoms. To give you an idea of the whole range of vibration rates, solids send out waves of disturbance at a rate under 16 vibrations per second (vps) while light and color are at 500 billion. The vps rate of etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual vibrations is, as yet, unknown. Although, with our five senses, we are able to perceive only a very small range of vibrations, a great deal of evidence indicates that, through development of other latent senses, we can go much further in our exploration of vibrations. (Consider how often you hear someone refer to having “a sixth sense” about something, indicating an intuitive feeling.) The highest vibrations use the ether as their mode of travel. The ether (not to be confused with the anesthetic) is the substance that holds all the atoms in place. These highest of vibrations are within the reach of the human mind and are termed psychic vibrations. The aura, or energy field surrounding all living things, is also part of the ether. The pituitary and pineal gland (located toward the front of the brain, roughly between the eyebrows, and often called “the third eye”) are thought to play a great part in the opening of the psychic channel. Apparently, these two organs-about which rather little is known-are sensitive to psychic vibrations. If they are properly stimulated, they act as translators of these higher vibrations. (Do you touch your forehead when you’re trying to concentrate on something?) Some people are born with an inherent ability to see the finer magnetic or electric vibrations going on in the ether, vibrations that make up another entire world of thought forms, entities, and their activities. These supersensitive people are known as clairvoyants. Though little is known about how the pineal and pituitary glands receive and interpret these higher vibrations, more has been learned in recent years about how the brain works. The human brain produces electrical activity that can be picked up and measured by the use of an EEG, using electrodes on the scalp. Several patterns can be identified, such as the predominant beta frequency, at 14-21 cycles per second. The beta waves are associated with the fully-awake state, characterized by the ability to control physical ideas and concepts and to function logically. The alpha rhythm, at 7-14 cycles per second, is the relaxed, creative, intuitive state. The alpha waves come into play when we are developing our ESP ability, through sleep therapy and meditation. In meditation or in light sleep, the brain usually operates on the alpha level. The theta level, 4-7 cycles per second, is associated with deep sleep or total unconsciousness. It is well known and often lamented that we use only about 10% of our brain’s potential in our daily lives. What about the other 90% or more? The answer to developing our latent psychic abilities lies in the large portion of the brain. Obviously, the potential is tremendous. The person who learns to control his brain waves will be able to shift awareness at will to that part of the mind where the psi factor, that so-called “extra” or “sixth” sense, operates. A sense each and every one of us has the capacity to develop.
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10/15/2012 3:17:17 PM
by Aqua
Christopher, Can you recommend a book to help develope one's psychic sense? Your reading was excellent, however I can find no way of providing a review to expound on your excellent abilities which would to allow others to benefit from choosing you. Aqua