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is it psychic ability or active imagination?

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10/26/2012 10:00:36 PM
by akeeler93083
I have always seemed to have some medium abilities which i accepted, i can sense spirits and there intents. I can know if a house ir property is haunted and stuff like that. No conversations just impressions. i cam also read most people like a book.And with my son i knew something was wrong before i had him. For days before he was born i just knew somethibg wasnt right and felt that if i went into labor i wohld lose him. My ob and family chalked it up to first time mom jitters. Turns out i was right At 35 weeks i had a stress test that came back abnormal. They put me in the hospital for observation and i endwd up having an emergency csection that same day without ever going into labor. turns out the cord was wrapped 3 times so tightly around his neck that contractions from labor would hve killed him. And i was even told once by another psychic that i was a " natural witch" with celtic and druid blood.(im irish descent). But what ive never been sure about is my seeming obsession with the past. Its like i am drawn to anything historical. Like a pull or urge i cant resist.I dream if past events often. Sometimes hundreds of years ago. Even about people ive never researched only to later find these things were true. And sometimes when reading about history or in contact with historical objects i get these images like a movie or portrait in my head. Or even just impressions of something that has happened at certain places without ever having been there before. Is this maybe just an extension of my medium abilities or is it something completely different? I always thought it was just imagination since alot of what i see happened hundreds of miles away from my location. But as i come acrossed more and more of what ive seen in history books im not so sure.
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11/23/2012 1:25:58 AM
by jaydonc
Hi there You have just given details about your condition and health problems you have been suffering in the past, as you said you can feel spirits and haunted places from impressions which is such a good thing, what we can say it is a gift from god or a curse it totally depend on your management with your powers. In the end you can use it for your and other benefits.