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What is going on with me????

#1 Posted on
3/10/2013 2:37:42 PM
by Music_Luvr
I was wondering if you could get some feedback from anyone willing to help, provide direction, etc. I'm pretty direct, but will just jump in. From a young age I have always been able to pick up on the emotions of others. I stay away from negativity and conflict because it bothers me deeply. The emotions I pick up on I feel deeply. I don't do good with breaking bad news. I can feel that person's pain. A heaviness. Whatever e tho. Is in a room influences my emotions. Scary and action packed movies make me pace. Happy/funny movies make me happy, stupid movies make me feel embarrassed & uncomfortable for the characters. Ok so normal for some people? But to the depth of what I feel? Idk. I watch a lot of paranormal tv- ghost hunters, haunted collector, etc. every time, no really, every single time I hear an EVP tears flow. I am not sobbing or crying, tears just stream out of my eyes. My husband thinks I'm nuts and laughs it off. I can't control this reaction no matter how hard I try. Crazy. There is a house that is here in the state I live in. It is the sight if a hundred year old horrific murder. I have seen it documented on tv shows. I've researched and seen investigator "evidence". Again each EVP brings on the tears. I feel drawn to this house. But the thought of going makes me anxious. But there is still the internal pull, deep in my center... I can't explain. I haven't gone. What could come home w/ me? What could I see? My dreams - I've always had very vivid, colorful dreams. I remember most. Some reoccurring. Lately they've been more intense, loud, chaotic. They get so loud they wake me and I can't go back to sleep because my mind is going 100mph. One recently was particularly disturbing - I was awoken by a very loud guttural growl/shout/scream in my ear. No one else heard this. The room was quiet and dark when I woke. My husband sound asleep. My dreams tire me. Seeing things - this is more rare. Out of the corner of my eye, yes, sporadically. Sometimes when I'm alone and relaxed and I close my eyes I will see things. They're very fuzzy and shift constantly. Nothing clear comes through. And again is sporadic. I sometimes hear things but this is during times of trouble or when I am a out asleep. Someone saying my name or some other one word command. Stop, go. Once I was nearly rear-ended and I heard a very loud command of "take your foot off the brake" which I immediately obeyed. Saved me and my kids. I've been directed by said voice in any time of trouble since I can remember. I've taken the online quizzes and read and I don't know what to believe. I just want to k is if I am crazy and need help or if I could truly have "a gift"??? Any input would be appreciated. Even if it is to tell me I'm nuts. ;). Thanks for reading!!
#2 Posted on
3/11/2013 5:22:18 PM
by ben0197
I have just joined classes to develop my abilities. I too suffer from very confusing emotions and also feel other peoples emotions as well as feel hurt and upset from others who are. Since joining the classes and right from saying im going to do it things have quietened down because they know (the spirit side) im going to help them. Also the sleep or lack of it is driving me crazy but you need to say in your head to them its you time to sleep now and I will listen in the morning, sounds mad i know but it will help, you have to be stern with them. I was told I can accept I have a gift or leave it its up to me. It sounds like you are going through it too, and yes I have seen a psychiatrist and got a perfect bill of mental health, I thought I was going mad lol! Go and find a good spiritualist church and talk to them. any good one will teach you how to handle it and will certainly not judge you or disbelieve you, good luck hope this helps.
#3 Posted on
4/10/2013 7:12:43 AM
by mariposa
You are not crazy! You have a gift! All the experiences you describe in the beginning are those on an empath. You feel everything - and most of it is not your own. This is tricky because until you come to understand this, it's very easy to take on the emotions of other people as your own. I also have had many of the same experiences throughout my life. It is exhausting. Being around large groups of people can become overwhelming because it is just so much energy. I am now coming to a better understanding of what this is and how to work with it. There is a great book by Judith Orloff called Emotional Freedom. I highly recommend it! Also, taking a bath with Himalayan sea salt every afternoon is a great way to cleanse your energetic field from all the "stuff" you pick up throughout the day. Good luck!
#4 Posted on
5/11/2015 11:36:09 PM
by TaureanKathy
When I was in elementary, I used to look at people and see a thin white 'thing' that's sort of outlining people. When I focus enough, the white outline would eventually thicken and become clearer. At that time, I used it to determine whether the person is good or bad but since all I was seeing was white, I gave up on that thought. Also, I'd like to ask, since I can't really do that now, is that considered a psychic ability? And can psychic abilities be 'locked away' through years?