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3/16/2013 4:55:22 PM
COMMUNICATING WITH ANGELS--- How do we communicate with angels? Easily, naturally, while you sleep, and when you’re awake. When you try, and when it’s not on your mind at all. But, as you’ll see, angels orchestrate for our higher good, and while they can certainly be called upon in just about any situation, we may be surprised at their respond! How do you I ask for angelic assistance? How about “Help!!” That usually works. You can think lightly, or you can concentrate on it intensely. You can say it out loud. You can shout it from the mountaintops. It can be an offhand comment or a direct request. The angels hear both. Being open to their assistance is the key. Learning to recognize their answers, which come most often in the form of gut feelings, is just as important. You don’t have to go through any ceremonies, or do anything formal, though you may do so if you like. If you are not used to following your instincts, it may help you to follow some guidelines I offer. They’ll help increase your awareness.---COMMUNICATION IS AWARENESS--- 1. Be aware that you have access to your angels, and to angels in general, at all times. 2. Be aware that you can speak to them out loud, or speak to them in your mind. Either way, they will hear you. 3. Be aware that you must be specific about your requests. Angels take things literally at times. Make things very clear to them. By doing this, you will also clarify things for yourself. 4. Be aware that you should always give thanks for the angels’ eternal and continuous help. After all, it’s the polite thing to do. 5. Be aware of you reactions: that means thinking positively and having faith that the angels will help you. 6. Be aware of your state of mind: have a sense of humor. The angels certainly do. It helps, even though it may be difficult during times of tragedy to find something to chuckle about. 7. Be aware of your gut feelings, instincts, and intuition: Those are your angels talking to you! 8. Be aware of coincidence, synchronicity, serendipity, and irony: Those are brought about by angels. 9. Be aware of your openness. Be open intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually to the little voice that tells you things, to your instincts, to the inner guidance system that is the angel. Angels can’t help you if you’ve shut them out. 10. Be aware of the messages. Listen, notice, and learn! You’ll begin to see patterns and guidance in your life. You’ll gain trust in yourself and therefore in your angelic guidance.--- CONTACTING THE ANGELS--- 1. Make yourself physically comfortable: Wear loose fitting clothes, take your shoes off. Sit down or lie down in a comfortable setting. 2. Remove all distractions: noise, people, pets, phone, television. 3. Choose your sounds: soothing music, wind chimes, or silence. 4. Breathe: Take a few breathes to relax. Breathe slowly. Inhale positive feelings and light, exhale the negative. 5. Seek God first: Praise Him and thank Him for all things. 6. Lighten up: You don’t have to solemn, just relaxed. 7. Go over your list of things that you need assistance with: Assign an angel to each and thank them ahead of time. 8. Create an angel alter: Fill a special space-top of a bureau, corner of a room-with things that remind you of angels, such as ornaments, pins, cards, angel pictures, and other accessories. You can also add incense.---WHAT NOT TO DO 1. The angels don’t want you to think that they’ll do all the work for you, because they won’t. This is a partnership. They’ll do plenty, but you’ll have to do your part as well. With their guidance, you’ll instinctively know what your part is! 2. Don’t have a negative attitude or focus on greed, rage, or hatred. 3. Don’t ask for revenge. 4. Don’t worship angels. They are not God. They do not want to be worshiped, just appreciated! 5. You don’t need to ask them to be with you, they are already there. Angels add a great deal of joy and energy to our lives. But we’re so reluctant to trust our instincts sometimes that we can up making a real mess out of things, can’t we? Going on the assumption that our instincts are messages from the divine, we can relax and go with them. Of course, it’s not always that easy, because we question ourselves, our instincts. Making decisions is a complicated business. Shakespeare believed: “to thine own self be true,” and we’ve often heard these statements from our mothers, too. “Just be yourself,” many a parent has preached. But what happens when we don’t trust or follow that little voice inside? That’s right, we usually end up in a jam. With heightened awareness we always see the consequences of our actions, and when we keep track, we see that following our instincts, so long as they are healthy and harmless, is the best route to take.

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