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The Mentalist

#1 Posted on
4/14/2009 5:01:52 PM
by Bonnie
I have a new favorite actor (after the guy on Burn Notice, and the mathematician brother on Numbers) - and that would be the gentleman that plays the lead on The Mentalist. You have to like him, even if you might disagree about the way he goes about doing things! ;-) Incredibly charming, incrfedibly intelligent - and just a tad sneaky! What more could one ask for!
#2 Posted on
4/15/2009 11:45:10 AM
by Bonnie
Last night's Mentalist was sooooo incredible! It dealt with power and abuse, and with the subject of practicing witchcraft. Life is often smoke and mirrors - at the end of the show, two people were shown to be victims (including the witch), and the person that was inflicting the harm was the one that we would least expect. Love this show!
#3 Posted on
4/16/2009 8:00:54 PM
by benj
Heard many great things about that show, but missed so many I figured I'd wait to catch the repeats this summer. Do you think you can get into it mid-season, or better to start from the beginning (like with Lost or 24)?
#4 Posted on
4/19/2009 7:21:15 AM
by Darcy
I love the Mentalist too! He is so calm, and everything turns out so well. Quite magical!
#5 Posted on
4/19/2009 7:27:51 AM
by Lilith
Benj, I see no problem with jumping in anywhere with the Mentalist. The storyline is not a continuation, like Lost or 24, so you should be fine. :)
#6 Posted on
8/22/2009 11:44:27 AM
by Dani
I love the blogs done by Lilith on the Mentalist! I really had to agree with her about the outstanding episode with Simon Baker (Patrick Jane) and Yancey Arias (guest starring as Victor Marquesa)! Both of these guys are to die for - to have them in the same episode was incredible!