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what exactly am i?

#1 Posted on
4/4/2013 2:33:06 PM
by jessiahislegend
For the last year and a half to two years. Ive been meeting and coming across people that i was just meeting. I was approaced by a lady claiming to have been a "witch". She was "reading" me/my past. She said that i was also a "wich" after which she told me about my bloodline. Ive had my share of supernatural/psychic moments. Also a "friend" of my sister had seen a psychic who had seen me in his visions. Description etx prior to when he and i. Were to meet. He was a skeptic when it came to me due to his feelings to my sister. He seen another "reader" some time later. I could tell and feel something different. Almost as if my mind was being expelled from my body. I obviously faught the feeling resulting with her having not been able to read me. I can will thongs and they happen. I just know thongs. I have dreams that come true. I believe ive got a strong mind but not sure what to do with it. Or even how to do it if i am able. Anybody have any comments or speculation or advice. And help would be appreciated
#2 Posted on
4/10/2013 7:00:45 AM
by mariposa
Hi! What an interesting story! The word witch in our culture has come to mean something negative or scary, but in reality it is not. These are people with special gifts - it really just depends on how you use them. In a positive or negative way. A friend of mine used to refer to our friends as "the three witches" - really because we were all into metaphysical things. Others heard of this reference and took offense to it. So silly! Have you called Amber of Salem here? She is a great resource for these types of questions. She lives in Salem (the capital of "witches") and has great understanding of the metaphysical world. She's a great help!