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Seeing the future in a dream.

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4/19/2013 9:45:53 PM
by atarashi
I have to preface this post by telling you all that I am definitely a skeptic when it comes to HOW psychic abilities work. I'm a firm believer that if they do exist there is some kind of now unexplainable science behind it. That aside I have had a few psychic experiences in my life that I simply can't ignore. When I was younger, around my first year of high school, I had a dream. Nothing to write home about content wise, but the feel of it was what struck me. (Note this will sound like this should be in the dream forum until later on.) I have always had vivid dreams. They are bright, colorful, usually related to video game exploits or fantasy worlds. I've always had a bit of control over them as well, at least it feels that way. I suppose that is why I always dreamed about what I liked. But that dream felt different. As I said before, my dreams are usually filled with vivid colors. This one had a few, but it was mostly black and white. Having said that, it isn't the kind of black and white that you would expect from an old movie, but more along the lines of static. Everything had clear forms, but they were spotty like static and seemed to fluctuate with my emotions.That was the other thing; I had very sensible emotions. I was incredibly scared. I was sitting back in a chair and a few doctors in lab coats were looking over my working on my mouth. I could hear the distinctive buzz of the drill as they did something to my teeth and I could feel the pressure in my mouth which made the static grow. As I believe I said before though, things were moving much faster than they would in real life, but there was one phrase that the female doctor said to me that I remembered distinctively. It was sped up, as if one was playing it on fast forward on an old tape recorder, but she said, "Hang on, just a little more." I could see concern in her eyes and she was gripping my hand. I woke up terrified soon afterwards. I could still feel the pressure lingering in my mouth, the feel of the women's hand, and her words resonating in my ears. Now all of this sounds like it should be in the dream analysis forum until now and I'm sorry for the wait, but it was necessary. Two years later, in my junior year of high school, I went to go have three teeth extracted. When I walked into the door of the operating room, or whatever you call it, I nearly had a heart attack. It was the same few doctors I saw in the dream a couple of years back. The same room.... the same chair. But I just shrugged it off, thinking it was a coincidence. After all, there are a lot of rooms that look similar and I was sure that their faces I'd just seen at other dentistry places before, I'd been to a ton. I mean, who else still needs three extractions in high school. But then I sat down in the chair and I got nervous. I'd had stuff like that done before, so I really shouldn't have been, but it just happened. They then proceeded to numb my mouth, which was kinda scary because then I couldn't effectively say much to them about my fears, which I probably wouldn't have anyway, but I hope you get the point. I couldn't talk anymore. They proceeded to operate and each of them stood in the exact same position from my dream. Each one was using the same kind of tool. I started to loose my cool after the second tooth because I thought I was going to die for seeing my own future. Irrational I know, but how else does one explain such things to themselves. I must have looked terrified because it was then that the women held onto my hand as the drill began to put on the pressure and said, "Hang on, just a little more." I'm not sure if that was comforting, or simply paralyzing, but I stopped trying to squirm and just froze up and squeezed her hand as tightly as I could until the entire ordeal was over. I didn't say anything to them about the dream I had had before. I didn't even ask for their names. I wanted to leave, immediately! Even though they recommended I stick around until some of the numbness went away I put the cotton in my mouth and basically bolted. I wouldn't even be posting about this though if it wasn't for a second similar dream I had recently that has yet to pass and frankly, I hope I am mistaken on this one. It was a typically death dream except for it having the same tell tale signs of the last premonition I had. All the static like feelings, things being sped up, ext. It was brief and painless. I woke up out of bed to some brief wave of pressure. I looked out my window, saw a giant blaze of fire come towards me, then woke up. I'm a college student now, and that was about a year and a half ago. I didn't pay it much mind because I knew I wouldn't even be living in that house anymore. I was going off to college after all. But now, next semester I am transferring back closer to home and for financial reasons I will be living off campus with my parents in that very room I woke up in. I'm not afraid, but I am incredibly conflicted as to what phenomenon happened to me the first time in my dream and what the implications for society as a whole is for the second. You don't have to comment on the strangely apocalyptic vision I recently had, but I rather would like to know about the dream that I already have confirmed to myself was prophetic. Hope you guys can help me out here. atarashi
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4/19/2013 9:46:29 PM
by atarashi
Also, sorry, I thought I spaced that out more. I guess paragraph breaks work differently in the post box. Sorry for the wall of text.
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4/23/2013 12:45:40 PM
by Morcia
This is pretty interesting. I was told dreams are usually warning signs that should be used to change the direction of what is being forecasted (the outcome), if that is your preference. For example you dreamt about being at the dentist office pulling your teeth and being comforted by the nurse. Your dream was re-assuring you that if you needed to have this procedure done, everything will be fine and as it turned out, later you had it done and it worked out well. However, if your dream was different , if let’s say the doctors and nurses did not have as good a bedside manner, then when you walked into the office and saw that the setting was the same as your dream, you could walk right out and use a different dental office, because you were forewarned. You were forewarned and you heeded the warning therefore affecting the outcome. Would love to hear any other thoughts on this.
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5/11/2015 11:22:57 PM
by TaureanKathy
Um... First of all, I'd like to say hi since I'm not really sure what to write first during web forums so, hi... See, I have these sort of times where I dream of something and I forget about it... The dream, by the way, is sort of like short scenes (example a scenery or an event). of course, of the future Anyway, I will only remember these dreams once they happen and I will just be standing or sitting there, dumbfounded. Thinking to my self "I dreamt of this before" Oddly, I was sure I dreamt of it... However, reading the other replies, your 'future dreams' (as I call it), are much more lengthy and it has a sort of a significance for future events so I'm not really sure if this seeing hints of the future thing is a psychic ability or just simply a coincidence. Thanks... I expect your reply soon.... I hope you do... :-)
#5 Posted on
3/9/2017 2:50:16 PM
by Lovablee83
Imagine future schools. How will they look like? My friend made a draft of his own view. Follow the link to see