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First Psychic Reading

#1 Posted on
4/15/2009 9:35:04 AM
by Lilith
My first psychic reading was many years ago in Hawaii. I was so thrilled that someone understood me! What was your first psychic reading like?
#2 Posted on
6/1/2009 4:34:41 AM
by Dani
My first psychic reading was through a metaphysical bookstore in my local community. My connection with the reader was immediate, and I walked away feeling much better about myself. Dani
#3 Posted on
6/21/2009 3:42:01 AM
by Darcy
I was very nervous during my first psychic reading. It was in person, n a metaphysical bookstore that I had never been to before. The reader was very nice - dressed in business attire, which made me feel better, but still read with low lights and a candle burning, which made me feel comfortable. We touched on many different topics, and I walked out of there with some things that I could actually take action on in my life. I also got a tape of the reading, which was helpful, as it is so easy to forget what was said. I saw this reader more than one time, and she was always accurate and helpful. Darcy
#4 Posted on
6/24/2013 2:15:04 AM
by Daniel Wright
My first reading was on June 1st, 2013 via tariot cards(did I spell that right?) It was knd of nerve racking, because in October of 2012 I discovered that I had psychic abilities, and our powers were clashing a little. The guy scared me when he told me that I had accuratly predicted the 9/11 attacks when I was in first grade. Creepy, now that I realize that cards and me do not mix.
#5 Posted on
6/27/2013 12:47:51 PM
by Peanut B
My first psychic reading was way back in my early teens. I went to this fair and there was a “fortune teller” there which I thought I would try purely for entertainment. I clearly remembered totally enjoying the reading, she was a real soothing reader who read the cards and also did a bit of palm reading. Well fast forward 6 years later, while attending college, something this woman told me actually happened! It really freaked me out. I tried to locate her with no luck but that made me seek out the advice of other psychics and I’ve been hooked ever since. Are they always right? Hell no. I don’t ask for dates anymore since those can be off, but one thing I can tell you is the description that some of these readers have given me of people and events have been on target.
#6 Posted on
5/2/2017 8:46:02 AM
by jim1234
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#7 Posted on
6/9/2017 2:48:01 AM
by jill1234
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#8 Posted on
9/29/2017 2:50:25 AM
by Kranjio4
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#9 Posted on
10/4/2017 1:30:38 PM
by vBishop
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