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#1 Posted on
7/12/2021 11:14:12 PM
by Absyrd
God, as we know Him/it, can be better expressed with the word Source. The definition of “God” is very different from Creator or Source, which are words that utilize the energy you want to connect with. You can call it God, but it does not demand a name. In the Kabbalah we have the tetragammatron which supposes to know all the aspects of this God Source. It is 10 words interconnected with lines to form the Tree of Life symbol. The Tree of Life in itself is a much more interesting and accurate portrait of Source energy than the physical manifestations of God as described by religions. “I fear the Lord.” People say this as if Source energy is really waiting for its chance to kill or judge a person. Who are we, as humans, to dictate the judgment that is made by a being infinitesimally greater and more knowledgeable than us. Humans successfully “dumbed down” God to a series of declarations/laws that humans must work in synchronicity with in order to achieve spiritual ascension. But it is not the rule or the laws that you need to follow, those were written by men who do not and cannot know God. They can barely even conceptualize it. Better than obeying any law, doctrine, or faith is to simply meditate upon the word Source. See how far back into your consciousness you can reach, and this is where you find the answers to who you truly are. This is why Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you. Christ consciousness can be attained by any person who makes a deep connection with the true creative energetic vibration of Source.

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