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Seeking fellow Psychics!

#1 Posted on
1/3/2014 2:18:43 PM
by Katia Leigh
I've tried to deny or hide my ability to sense things others can't be it past or future. When I got pregnant my clairvoyance seems to have intensified tenfold and now I have difficulties shutting it off entirely. I don't know where to go to learn to control this I'm not open about it because I can sense people think I'm crazy when I do open up about it but I'm just seeking a way to control it so I can sleep and stop having migraines. I'm constantly hearing and seeing and feeling peoples energy and maybe things from the past or future that are no longer here it's very confusing and I have a hard time telling the difference between everything. Sometimes I don't know if it's my emotions I'm feeling or somebody else's emotions and feelings either way senses and emotions and images come from nowhere and it always hold truth. I recently decided to share my ability with someone who believes in psychics and I actually predicted his past and something in his immediate future and I don't know how I did it I just saw it, but ever since then I've been unable to stop the flood of information from everybody or anyone I meet or when I dream is constantly a flood of info and it's driving me crazy. I want to embrace this gift but I don't know how to do it without losing my sanity. If there's anyone out there that have some sense of control or have some way of shutting the ability off when it's not wanted please please help! I'm desperate to understand and control disability so I can live a decent life. Also has anyone else ever experienced an increase in their skill after pregnancy?
#2 Posted on
8/25/2014 11:57:02 PM
by Ph. Truth
My awareness has magnified. It seems as if it is a flood. I sought it out for years but now it seems to come faster. Being a man I can't have first had knowledge of pregnancy however I do two children. I feel as if they are keys that unlock awareness within me. I can do this without them they seem to be amplifiers as if giving life to powerful beings somehow in powers me. thats what I see. I love them so much. I know they love me and its as if they want to give me a gift for loving them so. I hope this helps.
#3 Posted on
1/3/2017 5:23:05 PM
by DestinyGalaxe
Children tend to have a strong psychic aura, which may have awakened something inside of you. Try to live in the present, and don't think deeply. A trick I learned is to learn and think about some complex mathematics - believe me, it works, somehow. I hope this helps!
#4 Posted on
6/3/2019 8:57:35 PM
by Devv
What you described is not only eerie, it's very similar to a situation I had (and am still experiencing). About a month ago, I found out that my friend was coming here often to another guy's apartment without me knowing. Over the course of 2 nights, I was so just outraged at hearing them both talk (thin walls), suddenly, I was able to tell her things, and vice versa. Now, I KNOW THIS SOUNDS INSANE, but there are two people in my apartment building that wake me up, remind me I have some serious issues, but I also "look" for their voices in the morning. I KNOW that they can hear me, and to be frank, I'm really scared of what this will turn into if it doesn't stop. If you found any answers, please email me at Thanks for your courage and post (holy shit), Dev