Daily Horoscope

#1 Posted on
4/15/2009 9:38:15 AM
by Lilith
I am a firm believer in checking my daily horoscope. I do not let it run my life, but I like to have a "heads up" on the energy that I may be facing on any given day. How do you feel about daily horoscopes?
#2 Posted on
4/15/2009 10:54:06 AM
by Morcia
I also believe in checking my horoscope daily. I am not sure but I might be letting it run my life a bit. Here’s what I do. I wake up to a beautiful day, my next thought is “I am feeling pretty good about today, let’s see if my horoscope agrees” or maybe my day starts out badly, maybe a phone call I was not looking forward to receiving, and of course I inevitably will read my horoscope and sometimes I will feel better after reading it or I may let it guide me somewhat. Do you agree that I might be relying on my horoscope a bit much?
#3 Posted on
4/22/2009 4:16:33 PM
by Ken
Maureen, I don't think you are relying on the horoscope too much. You are doing what most people do.
#4 Posted on
4/23/2009 9:23:54 AM
by Pat
I think I will stay home today and work on my yard since my horoscope says not to voice my views too strongly because I can arouse major opposition.
#5 Posted on
4/26/2009 7:31:33 AM
by Lilith
Maureen - I think that Ken was correct in saying that you are not relying on your horoscope too much. Whether we start our day in a good mood or a bad mood, our horoscope will be what it is. This is the energy that we have to work with. Basically, a horoscope tells us what we will face, so that we have a "heads up" on life! We keep that information in the back of our mind throughout the day, and make our decisions accordingly. A good test of horoscopes is to take a few days and read your horoscope at the beginning of hte day, and take a few days and read it at the end of the day. Did reading it at the beginning of hte day empower you? I rather think that it will! :)
#6 Posted on
4/26/2009 7:33:57 AM
by Lilith
Pat - I thik that was a very good decision to stay home. We do not always have that opportunity, in wich case we have to be careful to guide ourselves accordingly. I strongly felt here that your decision was based partly on your horoscope, and partly on good old fashioned intuition! :)
#7 Posted on
4/28/2009 7:41:39 PM
by mariposa
I usually find that my horoscope gives me that extra bit of guidance in going with the flow of my day. Recently my horoscope said something along the lines of "not allowing something insignificant to become a battle." When I eventually faced some type of conflict later in the day, I remembered what I had read and was able to laugh to myself and did not let the situation get the best of me. What a relief!
#8 Posted on
5/4/2009 11:34:06 AM
by phyll
This is a pretty interesting thread. Does anyone know what percentage of the population read their horoscope daily.
#9 Posted on
5/5/2009 4:55:10 PM
by mariposa
That is an interesting question, so I had to google it! I couldn't find numbers about the percentage who read their horoscope, however, a 2005 Gallup Poll showed that 25 percent of Americans believe in astrology, a percentage that has stayed roughly the same since 1990. In 2003, the Harris Poll found that 31 percent of Americans believe in astrology. Maybe this percentage is on the rise?!
#10 Posted on
5/6/2009 3:27:37 PM
by Peanut
It's pretty cool how your horoscope comes up when you log in and go to member home.
#11 Posted on
5/11/2009 4:27:10 PM
by Bonnie
Mariposa - What a great way to view horoscopes! Your action gave you leverage, and not allow yourself to become overwhelmed. :) Phyll - I would say a large percentage of the population reads their horoscope several times a week, if not daily. I don't think we will ever get an accurate gauge on this, because so many people will never admit to doing so! ;-) Mariposa - I would say that more t han 25 % (or even 31%) of the population beleives in astrolgoy to some extent. Again - many will not admit to it. Yet, there are some parts of the world where astrological charts are used to see who should marry whom. ;-) Peanut - glad that you like the horoscope appearing on the member home page. The small things in life make a huge difference, IMHO. :)