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Our life path and personality core.

#1 Posted on
8/25/2014 7:54:37 PM
by Life path 7
Hi all, I have just joined after reading up on why I possibly may be seeing White feathers in my all of the time. So our life path. Mine is cerebral 7 the introvert which ties in with my Pisces moon and INFJ vibes however my personality number is I recall 5 which suggests my outer layer and to be honest very different to who I am internally. Does anyone here have a chart quite conflicting numerology wise. Maybe a silly question but thought would introduce myself with a question. :-)
#2 Posted on
8/25/2014 7:56:01 PM
by Life path 7
I am typing away on my fiddly touch screen in the dark in my bed so apologies for typos.