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a call to my brothers and sisters

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8/25/2014 11:47:54 PM
by Ph. Truth
sense i was in jr. high I've try to understand and absorb anything everything. I've done quite a bit of soul searching. I've focused mostly on my physical mind, science, exploration, and some mental abilities. I have always had a natural ability to judge the character of a person and I've always been able to be a guide( even though most don't want to listen). It would seem as if I know a person much much better then they know their self. I ask why and how pertaining to everything. I Question what I know and what others say constantly, and I seem to know truth. Its as if when I ask to know and understand existence tells me. I am seldom wrong, if I am as soon as I find out more about the situation I find that its not that I'm wrong just… "slightly" of track. Resonantly I have focused much more on my psychic abilities. The knowing seems to be much more rapid. I've reach great insight over the past 6 months more fluently then the past decade. I am focusing on telekinesis now and especially the ability to fly. My labor has not bore fruit yet but somehow I feel as if I am close. I have tried to open my minds eye for a long time, only resonantly calling it my third eye. I have done more self reflection then looking outwardly but now I'm trying to do both equally. I am working on my chakras evenly but still focus more on my third eye. I hear it now as a constant hmm. I can control the hz or frequency of the sound and the intensity slightly. I don't mean to ramble things just seem to flow at times. I want to fly. I've always wanted to fly. Sense always. I haven't really worked on it vary much until now. I've seen myself as a dragon and like angel. I love heights. The sky seems to call to me yet even in my dreams I have a difficult time staying in the air. I feel something coming. I've always known of it but it seems closer as if my own awareness is tied to it or the closer I get to flight the closer it gets. Some would describe it as end of days, I've never felt as if it was the end, but a rebirth. In a vision from high school I take off as a dragon with my brothers and sisters burning down a city or all cities so the earth can reclaim itself. I seek others. I seek my brothers and sisters. It burns inside of me to seek out like minds so we can meet in person. I feel as if I'm somehow suppose to lead a great army and to show them that they have this power. As the angel I stand on a cliff with a great army behind me, an army of light (the number 10,000 seems to be important). I dive down and see myself and a great army of dark behind my brother. When I reach my brother we join and defeat the army of dark. We don't really defeat them but more allow them to be born again into a pure life. As a dragon I am on a cliff over looking a lake. I am a blue dragon my reflection is a red dragon when I dive to the water I become a black dragon. I want to note my brother to me is not a dark soul more like a lamb posing as a wolf. Somehow using the dark nature of men against the dark, as I use the light for the light. I understand more of these visions but not all.

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