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Potential Remote Viewing?

#1 Posted on
9/4/2014 4:13:19 AM
by abracakyle
I have not formally tested myself until today. I did an online remote viewing test and was pretty accurate with my sketch. (It was a picture of a hot air balloon with a flat top. I drew two curved lines with a straight line going between them, like the top of the balloon. I also saw a man in what looked like a picture and got a bubble/float.) I did a few more and the results were the same. It is very strange because it made me consider experiences i have had previously. I have had moments when clearing my mind, that i have had similar experiences of seeing things, sometimes documents that look typed up, events but it is often blurry. The most memorable was when i was younger, i saw plans for what could be described as a kinetic powered car. It would use the force generated from the wheels, to charge two batteries. One battery would be used while the other charged and vice versa. I drew it down and promptly forgot about it. It was only recently i read online about an inventor designing something so similar, it was unsettling. I also get things while lying in my bed. I am no stranger to seeing spirits, as i trained as a medium in the past and have had psychic phenomena for quite some time. I am also quite sensitive to those around me, finding crowded places overwhelming not because i feel anxious but because i get feelings from people. Is it possible i'm remote viewing?Or is it just imagination at work here?
#2 Posted on
9/24/2014 12:15:42 AM
by the XL Medium
I would suggest this process: sit down with someone that has the day off from work. Have them think about their personal work space. Tune into their thoughts of the place; Be in that place; and look for an activity that they can confirm by calling and asking about it. Tell them what you saw. Wait for their positive response. Give it a couple tries. Maybe its your gift.. Maybe not. We all have something we can exercise for the benefit of others. Have fun. Lightly touching the person who is thinking of their space... is not cheating; it may be the jump start that you need.