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#1 Posted on
10/20/2014 7:32:00 PM
by lilcajunangelmom
can anyone tell me if i may be right i feel like my son is my guarding angel i feel like he is here very offten i offten feel like i can see and hear him!!!! am i right are am i going crazy
#2 Posted on
11/3/2014 1:03:02 PM
by QueenofPenticales
Hi lilcajunangelomom. I felt compelled to answer your question. If you feel him he is there and you are not crazy. Anytime our loved ones pass they stay close to us. Especially when we need them most. After my father passed I would smell a fresh lit cigarette in my house though no one smoked in my house. But my father had smoked for years. I knew he was there and to this day I will find strange coins he leaves me. How do I know they come from him... because he collected strange coins. Love keeps our loved ones spirits around. Never feel you are crazy for feeling your son around you. He wants you to know he's there. God's light and love to you.