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Opened Gateway

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3/24/2016 2:54:50 PM
by Elimey
I had an experience not too long ago where a gateway opened. I'm going thru difficult time with a stalker that I have no personal connection to. I've been in an out of court with them for almost 2yrs. Anyhow, one night she made a threat of harming my children an husband. I felt a knot climb up my spine to my neck an then BOOM! I was outside at night when this happened an once the knot reached the back of my neck it was like I had night vision, my hearing increased. I could hear the rain drops splashing. My voice got deep an I started seeing flashes of images. Every image was of that person an then I got hot an started feeling the way the person looked to be feeling. I stayed calm an after a minute it was like I was watching the person from a window. Like I was outside looking in. I was on the phone with my best friend, who knows my powers. I was telling her what I was seeing an feeling. She actually knows this person very well an was confirming what I was seeing. I had never been to this persons house but yet I was describing it an a particular mirror in her room. The threat was posted on social media so I posted what I seen the person doing an feeling an that person actually thought I was outside their house watching them. It only lasted about 15 minutes an it's not opened back up that way again. It's been 6 months, but since then I do have vivid dreams about things she is planning against me an I can feel her if she's in my area. I recently learned that I have witch markings. I'm not sure about that situation yet. I've always had a 6th sense. What can I do to enhance my abilities naturally?

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