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Loved ones that passed over!

#1 Posted on
5/9/2016 8:46:59 PM
by Jessica2930
I think my sons father that passed away is trying to telll me something. And I wonder why I haven't never dreamed of him since he's passed on.I sure do miss him alot!
#2 Posted on
8/30/2017 11:10:57 AM
by kamili3
Very sad! Sorry to hear about this.
#3 Posted on
9/17/2018 4:24:38 PM
by wooohoooo
Sorry for being a bit late. My grandads sister passed away about a year ago. I never knew her saw a picture of her ect. A few months ago I had a message from her. I saw a clear picture of a woman in my mind and I could describe everything about her face. I asked my dad and started describing what I saw. I was bang on. Everything I described was true. Then I told him how I saw her and then got a message from her. She basically said tell your dad and grandad and the rest of the family that I love them and am watching over you all. A few weeks before my family went to a professional and got a very similar message. My dad didnt let me tell my grandad as they were very close. Just to clarify I was 13 at the time with no previous experience. Any ideas about it?