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Need Help

#1 Posted on
7/24/2016 2:49:40 PM
by Chase
So I see a lot of people on this site, looking for answers as I am. Everyone here saids their a physic of some sort, but I do not know what I am. I have so many experiences with dreams, out of body experience, visions, such like everyone else on this site. I've been called many different names, some worse than others. I know I can lucid dream, but every time I control my dreams and ask questions or have an out of body experience something pushes me back. Every time I ask God for help in my dreams, the people in my dream go from a smile on their face to a straight face and saying no, like in a deep voice. Then it gets harder to ask questions. All I want is to know what I am, i know I'm different from everyone else just here looking for answers
#2 Posted on
1/26/2017 3:56:12 AM
by Blankx18
Hello i know how you feel i have some of the same problems. Im not entirly sure what i am eaither but i may be able to shead a bit of light on your problem. So im not sure why you are forced back But the people smiling and then frowning once you ask a question can mean a few things. In a lucid dream your subconscious may be saying your not ready for that answer just yet. Try asking the question in a diffrent manner. If you have then try meditations. (or continue to meditate) untill you feel confident enough to get your answer. Remember when you ask questions like this (who am I or what am I) you must stand firm about getting an answer. Try asking what you must do to get your answer. I hope i was in anyway helpful. Good luck my friend.
#3 Posted on
9/29/2017 7:44:54 AM
by Kranjio4
I would like to know about psyche. I hope this would be the great place to know about this.