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Need help with my abilities.

#1 Posted on
11/18/2016 9:36:21 PM
by Predzel
I cant find any of my two abilities. I'm pretty sure they are physic, but I know nothing really about them. I'm able to sense movement (at least I believe it's movement). No one can sneak up on me, at least there have been no successful attempts. I get this weird indescribable feeling in my... mind? I never remember what it feels like until I get the sense again. I've had it ever since I remember. It's grown since then and has been more accurate than ever, I just can't really fully control it. What is it and how can I learn more about it and controlling it for free? My second ability is fairly new, but I can control it. As long as it has a good reason or is important I can stop moving, close my eyes, and choose a reasonable range, I can see a black vision thing that is completely black and shows me where an important object or person as a red dot. Here's how it works: I have a small range that I select, it's like drawing a line in a completely black scene. When i drae my line it becomes invisible and then I choose the object I NEED not want to find. Then it appears on my selected range, unless it's not there. If it's not there, the dot appears in a random location, blinks out, appears again, and it repeats the whole process until I open my eyes. It happens within in a couple seconds. Of the many times I've used it, it's only failed once, but... hey, they can't all be winners. I don't know if it happens to have anything to do with my previous unknown sense, but I still want to know the same things. Thanks.
#2 Posted on
1/27/2017 5:31:15 PM
by Machina
FAIRIES: The surface of our planet is invisibly divided into a grid of cubes, called Spaces. Each Space has a few elementals called Flower Fairies. They are in charge of the contents of the Space -- whether it's a flower garden or a house or an office building or partly all three. You are being helped by a Flower Fairy to find items in your Space. She is wearing a black petalled gown & has red glowing eyes -- this means she is a divine agent of God who has "gone rogue". This usually happens because someone (not you) has been fooling around with spell-casting within the Space where your room is. Today, the rogue fairy has been freed & sent to the Light (for rehabilitation). She has been fairly kind to you, because you are a good soul. Every good soul has the ability to become more "psychic" by connecting with your own personally-assigned Spirit Guides (not fairies). The two "psychic abilities" you described are not supposed to happen to a human & will stop today. Get a book on guided meditation. :)