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Psychic powers

#1 Posted on
1/12/2017 3:25:53 AM
by Meximuffin
Ive been hearing voices for about two years from memers to vocies outside my head where you can feel the vibration to imprinted thoughts. The first time this happened I was with a friend smoking weed and I stepped out side and in the sky I saw 3 types of ufos a long one a trangle and a circle one after that I heard a vocies that said turn around and it started talking about my family so I went home and nothing was wrong so I watched tv and a vocies was making fun of a ufo you on a commercial I was watching. After that I heard snake hisses at night and nightmares every night. I heard vocies say I had a lot to learn about pyschic powers and that I was on an antichirst watch list and dreamed of cops and and how they new about psychics and it was all a conspiracy. In my dreams there were also some lucid ones of random places were I seem to be just eyes floating around and in one dream I heard a voice say "where your eyes move and your head rolls" that I think was a tip on how to lucid dream without walking yourself up.
#2 Posted on
8/30/2017 10:59:55 AM
by kamili3
Good story so far. Thank you!