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Need help developing

#1 Posted on
2/27/2017 1:57:38 PM
by Kellyp2400
Hi All, I've always been able to sense things, when I was younger I could see auras and had a lady that use to appear in my old house however, when we moved and she followed me the once subdued lady changed. She moved differently and even began showing herself to my sister. I noticed that I couldn't be alone with her because she felt different. I think this is where I shit all my abilities down. Now I can still sense things and can often predict a call/ person arriving. People can pop into my mind and later they will make contact on phone/person. I can also sense someone if they stand near me whether they are good or bad but I want to expand this further and wondered if anyone could tell me how . Any advise would be appreciated and sorry for waffling ??

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