Setting up my Psychic business app!

#1 Posted on
8/31/2017 7:38:11 AM
by kamili3
I am thinking of launching my own iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Android app for by psychic/spiritual business to allow new and existing clients to download and schedule appointments with me. Does anyone have a suggestion of which service i can use to build my own branded app? I am on a budget. Thanks in advance.
#2 Posted on
10/1/2017 4:55:04 AM
by Kranjio4
Psychic Wing which is from Chatwing is the best and most affordable option. They will provide you your own branded iPhone, iPad, and Android app that has many features including your own booking appointment system and account system, plus you can sync your payment options like PayPal so clients can book and pay at the same time. Check out