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EM wave distortion ability?

#1 Posted on
9/16/2017 11:00:34 PM
by Absolute0
I think I have the ability to distort electromagnetic waves but mostly electricity. There was a day in high school when I was in a classroom, sitting in on a lecture with a light flickering above my head. The flashes vexed me to the point of distracting me from listening to my teacher every 5 seconds. I stared at it in contempt, imagining that the electricity would flow faster and faster through the filament so that it would shine continuously. The way I focused on it, I can't really explain but it was almost like meditation. I stared at the object, thinking of nothing but my eyes focused on the flickering light. In a matter of seconds, the light ceased being a nuisance. It was a coincidence, I thought. It must have been. But I felt something running down my nose. I touched the edge of my nostril - it was blood. I was bleeding from my nose. It's almost like one of those scenes from a cartoon when a super hero overexerts himself. Nowadays, I can almost distort anyything related to electromagnetic waves at will. But sometimes, I get really stressed and I lose control of my powers. I sometimes make lights flicker around me. Sometimes, they go out. But one thing is for sure, I cannot affect anything that I have no desire to break or fix. My power doesn't affect light. I can distort and block some radio waves. I have never tried microwaves, they are too dangerous. My power isn't too strong either. I can induce a tv to malfunction but not a car. Thoughts?

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