I need help with my tarot reading

#1 Posted on
10/10/2017 1:43:34 PM
by Jess2b
Hello everyone, I had a reading done to answer the following question: How will my talk with him about my relationship go? Here are the results of my draw: The Star, The Lover, The Sun, The Moon, The Magician from https://www.evatarot.net/ I would appreciate it so much if someone who has a little spare time could shed some light on this because I’m new to tarot and don’t know what I’m doing! Thank you in advance for spending your time on this.
#2 Posted on
5/13/2019 5:18:04 PM
by wiserlady
I would love to help but am not a psychic myself, I go to a professional Beth Shepherd at https://www.accuratepsychicreadingsonline.com for my readings and she helps me a lot with my life. Have been thinking of having lessons and learning how to do it for myself by not sure it is worth the bother. It is only about once a year I want a reading so it it worth all of that time and effort and expense? Nah. My brother is very much into readings and he is learning how to do them himself but he is hoping to be able to do it as a paid side line then, whereas I am busy working as a dog walker and quite happy to just do that. Blessings to you.